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The Human Body By W. D. Gann

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There are seven openings in the head – two eyes, two ears and two nostrils, equally divided, three on each side. From this we get our Law of Three and know the reason why the change comes after two and in the third period. The seventh opening in the head is the mouth and everything goes down. Study your seven-year periods and see how your markets go down and make tops and bottoms.

Woman is more perfect than man because she can create. Her body contains 12 openings. Man’s body only contains 11. The 12 represents the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The fact that man’s body only contains 11 openings proves why a man betrayed Christ and not a woman. Note the angle of 11 1/4 degrees. Note the number 11 on all of your different charts. Study the position of 7 times 7 or 49 on all of your permanent charts. The you will understand why the children of Israel marched 7 times around the walls of Jericho, blew the ram’s horn 7 times and the walls fell down on the 7th day. This law is also backed with Astrological proof, but anything that can be proved in any way or by any science is not correct unless it can be proved by numbers and by geometry.

The Time Cycles and every measurement of angles are represented by the human body. You have 5 fingers on each hand. They are above the waistline or solar plexus and represent the 10-year cycle or the two 5-year cycles, which are 1/4 and 1/2 of the 20-year cycles. You have 10 toes, but note that there are 5 on one side and 5 on the other.

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This indicates that one 10-year cycle which is below the base line must run opposite to the 10 above the base line, but that the 10 and 20-year tops and bottoms will come out according to the proper measurements from the base or beginning point. Study the different divisions of your limbs. Note the 3 divisions of your fingers, and that the third joint or ends of your fingers are shorter than the other two, and that the thumb really contains only two spaces or joints, where your fingers contain 3.

Learn the secret of this and you will learn why the thumb is so important. Study all of these Master charts, apply them to Space, Time and you will find the cause of tops and bottoms and will know how to determine Resistance Levels. Go back over any of the old charts you have and study the places where they have had the greatest resistance. Note the price, then determine the time by weeks, months or days, and you will be able to learn how to understand future movements. Look up the position of your Master Twelve Chart and your Square of Nine, then consider your geometrical Angles from West to East, according to time, then consider your angles from the different bases or beginning points and you will be able to determine the position of a stock.

The SQUARE OF NINE, the MASTER TWELVE SQUARE, and the GEOMETRICAL ANGLES are all mathematical points and do not contradict each other but harmonize and prove up the different mathematical points. (Read Square The Range Trading System).

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In the closing paragraph of his METHOD FOR FORECASTING THE STOCK MARKET course, Gann also writes:

“Study the human body in every way and you will find that it is the work of a Master Mind, and when once you know yourself and know your body, you will know the Law and will understand all there is to know. Remember there is a source of all supply, and that you have within you the power to know all there is to know, but you must work hard, seek and you shall find.”

  • Jan. 17, 1931 

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