Quantum Trading




Quantum Trading: Using Principles of Modern Physics to Forecast the Financial Markets 

Quantum Trading presents a compelling new way to look at technical analysis and will help you use the proven principles of modern physics to forecast financial markets.


Great thinkers such as Max Planck, Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan, like Erwin Schro¨dinger, W. D. Gann, and Albert Einstein have more in common than you might suspect. This book aims to express rocket science concepts in layman’s terms and apply them to your daily lives and trading; it’s going to be a lot of fun.

You will better understand how reality works and achieve amazing results in many areas of your life. Above all, you can make huge amounts of money using these concepts to trade the markets.

This book is not about methods of technical analysis that you are used to seeing. I amnot going to speak about moving averages, oscillators, or the hundreds of indicators you already know about. Perhaps you are searching for something different, a more precise instrument that can indicate when the next top or bottom price could form.

Rather, this book is about quantum prices, time levels, and how the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics concepts can practically affect your favorite stock, commodity, or currency price.

It is also about trading models that provide precise indications on trend turning points and how to predict the most likely prices and times for the major and intermediate reversal points.

We start our journey by borrowing some ideas from the theory of relativity and its implications in modeling space. We continue by examining electron behavior in the quantum world. Finally, we compare this notion with some of W. D. Gann’s 100-year-old concepts about the market that are still relevant today.

We continue our journey by exploring fascinating lands, learning how quantum laws, according to scientist such as A. Goswami, can also affect our daily life.

We review how this quantum approach can help us in obtaining a more meaningful life, freedom, and financial independence, and dramatically improve our life and the ability to get what is really important to us.

At the end of this process, you are going to discover many interesting and safe ways to make money in the financial markets using unconventional yet powerful trading techniques such as Quantum Price Lines (QPLs) and Time Algorithms (TAs).

If you continually improve yourself and reach for a higher and higher level of knowledge and awareness, you will exponentially increase your personal power and improve your energy level. You will experience a quantum leap in the quality of your life. Then wealth will come to you like a moth to a flame.

If you are ambitious and feel you have many goals still to reach in your life, then reading Quantum Trading can help you to improve your trading and change your life forever.


  • The Birth of Quantum Trading: How Einstein’s Theories and Quantum Particles Affect Your Daily Trading
  • How to Psychologically Prepare for Successful Trading
  • Quantum Trading 101
  • Sun Spots, Geomagnetic Storms, and the Stock Market
  • P-Space Structure and Quantum Trading Algorithms
  • The Life and Contributions of W. D. Gann: A Forerunner of Quantum Trading
  • Chaos Theory and Gann Angles
  • Money Management Strategies
  • Entelechy: The Most Powerful Quantum Trading Concept
  • Forecasting Tops and Bottoms Using QPLs and Subharmonics
  • Time Algorithms in Quantum Trading
  • How to Use All the Trading Tools Together
  • How to Use Options: Unlimited Gains with Little Risk
  • Options Strategies with Quantum Trading Tools
  • A Toast to a New Achievement in Trading

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