Quantum Trading


  • Pages: 236
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2011


Quantum Trading: Using Principles of Modern Physics to Forecast the Financial Markets 

Original and thought-provoking, Quantum Trading presents a compelling new way to look at technical analysis and will help you use the proven principles of modern physics to forecast financial markets.

In it, author Fabio Oreste shows how both the theory of relativity and quantum physics is required to makes sense of price behavior and forecast intermediate and long-term tops and bottoms. He relates his work to that of legendary trader W.D. Gann and reveals how Gann’s somewhat esoteric theories are consistent with his applications of Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum theory to price behavior.

  • Applies concepts from modern science to financial market forecasting
  • Shows how to generate support/resistance areas and identify potential market turning points
  • Addresses how non-linear approaches to trading can be used to both understand and forecast market prices