WD Ganns Master Time Factor, The Astrological Method




WD Ganns Master Time Factor – The Astrological Method

Years of experience and research have gone into making “WD Ganns Master Time Factor – The Astrological Method” the definitive course for timing Forex, Stock & Currency markets.


Using this info we are able to construction a Gann model buying and selling marketing campaign for any market. Now you’ll know if you need to be shopping for dips or promoting rallies. The astrological methodology that Gann utilized in all of the “Robert Gordon” trades in his ebook ” The Tunnel Thru The Air”(1927) is revealed. This methodology remains to be working in the present day throughout all of the actively traded markets to pin level swing excessive&low dates.

A query that crosses many Traders minds at one time or one other is, “ How do I find the cycle for a specific market?” Most markets do have completely completely different dates as highs and lows. WD Gann mentioned that he discovered a Master Time Factor that allowed him to exactly time particular person markets highs and lows.

The Master Time Factor will not be based mostly on fastened cycles, in reality it seems should you had been to only have a look at the worth chart you wouldn’t have the ability to detect these “hidden cycles” That is, till it’s identified after which you’ll be able to see how excellent it’s. By watching the movies you’ll be able to clearly see each little element in getting the proper time cycles.

There is an amazing quantity of fine materials that can depart you in little doubt how one can discover the turning factors your self. Everything is on the display, so you’ll be able to observe by way of as I clarify precisely what is going on. What I present on the movies is precisely how one can get the timing factors, additionally how I decide if they need to be traded after which how I really commerce them.


Chapter 1 – MTF Introduction
Chapter 2 – Gann Square of Price and Astrology
Chapter 3 – The WD Gann Trading Campaign
Chapter 4 – Fixed Cycles
Chapter 5 – Repeating Recreating Aspects Simple
Chapter 6 – Observational plus Hidden Cycles
Chapter 7 – Repeating Plus Hidden Cycles
Chapter 8 – Long wave cycles large planets repeating or linked
Chapter 9 – Astro Tools
Chapter 10 – Trading patterns mentioned in Videos

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