Ultimate Gann Course 9-DVD Series By David Bowden




The Ultimate Gann Course has been written for those who wish to apply pure Gann methods of time and price to their trading calculations. In the Ultimate Gann Course you will start to learn some of the key principles David used in his long-term forecasting techniques.

You’ll also, learn how to identify pressure dates up to one year in advance. You’ll learn how to trading into and out of your pressure dates – and take profit at both ends.


  • DVD 1 – Introduction & Key Form Reading, Concepts – including Position of the Market.
  • DVD 2 – Swing Charts – how to make the most money out of the market.
  • DVD 3 – Time By Degrees – determine likely tops and bottoms, calculate them for yourself. A New Way of Looking at Things – with a natural timing cycles and numbers.
  • DVD 4 – Squaring Time and Price – Gann’s methods of determining dates of tops and bottoms.
  • DVD 5 – Squares and their application and the psychology of trading.
  • DVD 6 – Trading Plans – see how each plan fits into the big picture.
  • DVD 7 – Tricks of the Trade – speed angles and equal ranges (Gann’s 1950/51 Soybeans lesson).
  • DVD 8 – Trading Mastery – David shows you exactly how he enters each trade and pulls everything together.
  • DVD 9 – Long Term Forecasting – examples of how David puts together long term forecasts.

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