My Story : A Search for W.D. Gann’s Master Time Factor




My Story – A Search for W. D. Gann’s Master Time Factor By The Seeker, 1983, limited first and only edition.  Nice condition except for the highlighting on some of the pages.

Author’s Introduction:

The first time I ever heard of W.D. Gann was in the late spring of 1979- Looking back, I was in a transitional period of my life. For the previous eight years I had made my living in real estate brokerage and buying and selling for my own account. I started with houses and then became mostly Involved with buying and selling farms and farmland for myself.

I always have enjoyed dealing with farms and land and I still enjoy it today. There is some undefinable satisfaction for me in the process of buying and selling land.

I had several good years financially in my real estate business, but in 1978, I began to become concerned about the economy in general and the real estate market in particular. Farmland prices were climbing sharply in my area and most of the buying was by large farmers and professionals who kept bidding up the price of any farm that came on the market.

In my opinion, one of the primary reasons for this was that the agricultural lenders were encouraging farmers to “get bigger”, bigger machinery and bigger farms, because bigger was supposed to mean the same thing as efficient. The financing was done primarily by the local farm lending agencies and in many cases the lenders were loaning 100% of the then inflated values.

I did not see how this ever escalating cycle could continue. I began disposing of my inventory of farms and land and shedding myself of debt. I simply felt uncomfortable and could no longer bring myself to buy except on options- which I would sell the farm by the time the option expired or, if I hadn’t been able to do so, I would simply forfeit my option money.

At this same time I began looking around for something to do which would allow me to buy and sell even in down markets. I had not been able to figure out a way to do this in the real estate market that I was used to operating in. Also, I wanted something that would require no inventories to be financed, no employees to be responsible to, and as little overhead as possible.

Someone, I have forgotten whom, mentioned to me one day that I should consider the stock market, or even better, the commodity markets. I had purchased some stocks several years earlier but they did not turn out to be that successful in regards to the return on my money.

I decided then that I could do more with my money than putting it into stocks.  So I had I had not been interested from that time in the stock market.

I did begin thinking about the commodity markets, though, and I thought, here is an ideal’ business for me. I like buying and selling and I can operate in up times or down times. I began following the commodity quotes in the Wall Street Journal. Then I sent off for some information about commodity trading from an advertisement.

This led to my opening a trading account some few weeks later. My first trade was in corn. I knew absolutely nothing about commodities. I didn’t even know to figure out the price fluctuations. I asked my-broker what should I start trading and he said corn because it was easy to trade and the moves were not that big. So, I bought corn, I lost $4000 on that trade before I learned that the moves might not be big, but I had lost more on that one trade than I had on any of my real estate transactions.

Obviously, I needed to learn something more about this commodity trading before I put out more money. So, I purchased my first book on commodity trading through a mail order advertisement. Will you believe that the first book I ever purchased about commodity trading was a book by the name of “How To Make Profits In Commodities” by W.D. Gann?


  • Chapter 1 – Introduction – My Story Begins
  • Chapter 2 – Disaster For An April Fool
  • Chapter 3 – What Next? Or More Aptly Where Now?
  • Chapter 4 – “You Must Destruct Before You Can Construct”
  • Chapter 5 – Begin Again
  • Chapter 6 – Stock Market, Astrology, Mindset, Mr. Gann & Me
  • Chapter 7 – Discover the Legendary Master Time Factor!
  • Chapter 8 – Here Is A Path. You Could Try This One
  • Chapter 9 – “The Seeker’s Creed”
  • Chapter 10 – For Me – The Closing Of A Circle
  • Appendix I – Forecasting By Time Cycles
  • Appendix II – Fragments of Gann Monograph
  • Appendix III – “Learn Before You Lose” Sales Brochure
  • Appendix IV – “Forecasting” (The Master Time Factor Lesson)
  • Appendix V – “The Seeker’s Creed”

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