Basic Astrotech


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 69
  • Published Date: 1992


Basic Astrotech: A New Technique For Trading Commodities Using Geocosmic Energy Fields With Technical Analysis

Basic Astro-Tech relates W.D. Gann’s time and price symmetry to planetary movements. It is very clearly written and easy to understand, with several graphs to illustrate the concepts.

The natural cycles of commodity prices correlate beautifully with the natural cycles of the planets. Each commodity has its very own special cycle, just e s each planet has its own cycle. It is not surprising, especially to astrologers, that each individual commodity has a particular planet t hat it favors, for example: gold responde to the sun. Consequently, all commodity prices do not rise and fall simultaneously. Although groups of commodities, such as the “Financial group” or the “Agriculturel group” Will more often than not, respond in tandem With their particular group.

To different areas of study are blended in this chapter, therefore some of the terminology may be new to you. The following books are recommende d reading and will cover the basic principles & of both: Astrology and the Futures Market.