W. D. Gann Master Stock Market Course


  • Pages: 464
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1955


W. D. Gann Master Stock Market Course is a transcribed collection of most, if not all, of W.D. Gann’s publicly available stock market lessons. It represents hundreds of hours of lesson sourcing, typing, meticulous proofing and compiling by a relatively small number of dedicated individuals.

An overriding objective in developing this resource was to create an electronic searchable reference document to assist students of Gann.
In order to preserve the authenticity of Gann’s original work, every effort has been made to precisely transcribe the lessons contained within this Master Course.


– General Lessons

  • Speculation A Profitable Profession: A Course Of Instructions On Stocks
  • Method For Forecasting The Stock Market (including The Human Body)
  • Method For Trading With The Overnight Chart – Mechanical Stock Trading Method
  • The Basis Of My Forecasting Method – Geometric Angles
  • Seasonal Changes On Stocks
  • Natural Resistance Levels And Time Cycle Points
  • Master Time Factor And Forecasting By Mathematical Rules (including How To Trade)
  • Form Reading And Rules For Determining Trend Of Stocks
  • Resistance Levels
  • Forecasting By Time Cycles (including How To Trade)
  • How To Forecast
  • Review Of Bull And Bear Markets: Showing Formations And Buying And Selling Points (1909-1939) – Dow-Jones 30 Industrial Averages
  • Dow-Jones 30 Industrial Averages
  • Volume Of Sales

– Master Calculators

  • The Master Mathematical Price Time And Trend Calculator
  • Master Calculator For Weekly Time Periods To Determine The Trend Of Stocks And Commodities

– Master Charts

  • Master Charts
  • The Hexagon Chart

– Other Lessons

  • Auburn Motors
  • Time Periods – Seasonal & Yearly
  • Time And Price Resistance Levels
  • How To Make Profits Trading In Puts And Calls
  • How To Sell Puts And Calls