W.D. Gann Secrets Revealed Video Course By Tom Strignano




In W.D. Gann Secrets By Tom Strignano, Will will learn how to build a Gann Market Map. A way to map the market to see what it is telling us, therefore give us the ability to design a trading plan using the most current technical analysis. Gann relied heavily on astrology, I am not going to go into detail about astrology with Gann. Why? Because I don’t use it. I will just give you the math to follow, and the Gann Calender Dates.

Introduction By Tom Strignano:

You are about to embark on a great crusade, toward which many traders have striven. You have chosen to learn about the great Gann Trading techniques. For the professional trader the quest for information becomes ever more essential as they hone their skills. We all want a way to forecast the question “Where is the market going? The statistics hold true that 90% of all participants that trade Forex will lose. That leaves 10% of the over all profits to the skilled few.

If you tell a professional and profitable trader that he is just lucky, he will justifiably laugh in your face. The few who make money trading forex do so because they have studied and know how the market works. They have applied themselves to learn all the tricks, the false moves, the human mistakes that occur, that lead to profit opportunities. In short, they know how to read the market. You have decided to embark on this journey, a deep congratulation is in order.

You are doing what the majority of the 90% do not do, so pat yourself on the back two times, no one else will. Most of the people that come into Forex want a push button solution, Forex Robots are the rage, they always fail for many reasons. This is why by taking this knowledge that I am about to give you, and doing further study you can be successful. In this E-Book I will give you what I feel were the most import aspects of Gann’s trading techniques.


  • Gann Trading Rules
  • Gann Wheel
  • Gann 50% Rule
  • The Full Move
  • The Gann Angles
  • The Gann Matrix
  • Gann Market Map

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