The Power of the Hexagon Course By Myles Wilson Walker




The Power of the Hexagon – The Complete Intraday Price Target Method

The Power of the Hexagon particulars Myles Wilson Walker discovery of the Hexagon sequence and its sensible software to on a regular basis buying and selling. The methodology is specified by a step-by- step course of that’s straightforward to observe and to implement.

Introduction By Myles Wilson Walker:

W 0. Gann developed and wrote about more trading systems than any other trader I author that I can think of. When you consider his work. most of it was developing new ways of trading at price or time. His price target methods are still innovative. I don’t think many people realise how many methods W D. Gann further developed or pioneered. His Gann angles were not original but an extension of other traders earlier ideas but he expanded and laid them out in a methodical fashion.

People have designed and used systems based around onty Gann angles successfully. In fact my first knowledge of Gann came from an article
written about using Gann angles. The article presented a simple system of trading using 45″ and 27″ angles. Unfortunately the large stop losses didn’t suit my personality and I was never able to trade it but it was a viable and robust system. Nevertheless it piqued my interest in all things Gann. It was around the same time that I first saw the Square of nine and Hexagon charts.

W 0. Gann called these charts master calculators which was sometimes confusing as he also called his geometric angle chart overlays such as the square of 144 master calculators also. He used this term interchangeably so you would have to know the context of what he was talking about to understand whether it was a geometric or numerological calculator. The Hexagon is a numerological calculator.

The Hexagon is used for finding support and resistance in the markets. On the Hexagon the 360° numbers are very important or multiples of 360° as well as the 180° numbers. If you wanted to know the 330° level of any number this is the formula. Take the base number, say 414 then you get the square root of this which is 20,34, Add to this 1,75 So 20.34 plus 1.75 equals 22.09. Next multiply the result by itself, 22.09 times 22.09 equals 488. You can see that one level up on the Hexagon from 414 is 486-487 so thats the 360″ level on Hexagon.


  • Failure at Highs and Lows
  • My pattern 1 and 2
  • Expansion bars
  • Trend Lines
  • Tech Tools British Pound Walk through
  • Hexagon Introduction
  • Euro with the Hexagon

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