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Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends
Trading with an Edge
The Price Action Manual, One Day at a Time
Price Action Chronicles Volume 1 & 2
Trading to Win Course
Geometry of Markets vol 1
Geometry of Markets vol 2


The purpose of Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends, to provide you with a complete knowledge of the tools available, to recognise when a market has reached a support price or a resistance price. With this knowledge you will know when it is opportune to buy or sell.

The purpose of Trading with an Edge is to lay a foundation for other people to follow who want to make a career out of trading.

The Price Action Manual, One Day at a Time will be to show you the various trading setups that arise several or more times a day in many cases and explain the conditions that you need to witness to make them viable at the time.

Price Action Chronicles method is an approach to short term trading opportunity created out of the market money flow and the repetitive ongoing geometric swing structures that dynamically repeat over and over again.

Learning to identify these oppoftunities is the basis of Trading to Win Course. Once you can learn to identify the low risk oppoftunity levels along the way where you can make trading entries you will be trading to WIN.

GEOMETRY OF MARKETS  is a compilation of all the RELIABLE technical approaches to TIME, PRICE, PATTERN & TREND analysis I have researched and studied or developed for my own use over the past 15 years.

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