Trading with an Edge


  • Pages: 220
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2002


The purpose of Trading with an Edge is to lay a foundation for other people to follow who want to make a career out of trading.

Before you start you need to know certain things about the vehicles you intend to trade, they are not the “lottery” they look on the surface, and things have become so sophisticated over the years it almost takes a “university degree” in common sense to get your footing right from the start.

The business of trading leveraged markets is not easy, that is unless you make it easy or as easy as you can possibly make it. You must know certain things to place yourself in a position of advantage. Then you must know how to conduct yourself. That is what this book is all about.


  • 1. Markets – Pure, Impure and Manipulated
  • 2. Who are the Markets?
  • 3. Preparations for Success
  • 4. Tools of the Trade
  • 5. Market Mechanics
  • 6. Psychology of Trading
  • 7. Money Now, Later or Never
  • 8. Money Management
  • 9. Monitoring Your Progress
  • 10. Trade Entry Techniques
  • 11. Initial Stops 8t Trailing Stops
  • 12. Trend Indicators
  • 13. Open Interest in Futures Contracts
  • 14. The Opening Price, Trend and Day by Day
  • 15. New York World Trade Center Disaster
  • 16. Australian Share Price Futures
  • 17. S8tP500 8t SPI200 Index Futures Trading
  • 18. Day Trading Short-term Pattern
  • 19. Position Trading
  • 20. Soybean – History 8t Seasonality
  • 21. Contingency. Plans
  • 22. Trading With an Edge