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Hedge Fund Masters
Hedge Fund Leadership
The Mental Strategies of Top Traders
Mastering Trading Stress
The Psychology of Risk
Trading in the Zone


Hedge Fund Masters, is a continuation of and elaboration on these concepts and a further exploration of the parameters of high performance, including those in relation to leadership and the empowerment of others. It delves into the creation of a masterful culture where high standards of excellence, the measurement of performance, and the capacity for transforming yourself and those around you become a critical part of the conversation.

Hedge Fund Leadership skillfully explains how to assemble, motivate, and manage a group of traders within a fund and sheds much-needed light on the importance of aligning traders with the overall vision and goals of a hedge fund. Author Ari Kiev shares his perspectives on various leadership themes and discusses how a delicate balance between empowerment and control must be struck in order to enhance the performance of todays hedge fund.

The Mental Strategies of Top Traders attempts to take another cut at the issue of successful trading by looking across a range of skill sets that are component parts of the successful trader, including among other things a goal-oriented strategy, risk management, creative thinking, and a capacity for collaboration and leadership.

In Mastering Trading Stress, author Ari Kiev offers examples, transcripts of conversations, and personality profiles of real-life traders to illustrate how stress affects their ability to perform at their best.

The Psychology of Risk: Mastering Market Uncertainty bridges the gap between investor psychology and quantitative risk management with a revolutionary risk management program that virtually any trader or investor can easily adapt to their goals and personalities.

Trading in the Zone expands psychological strategies for successful trading and represents three more years of experience in working with a variety of traders on issues ranging from portfolio size and strategy to traditional coaching issues pertaining to performance, motivation, and recovery from failure.