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The Forex Trading Course
The Forex Options Course
Trading Binary Options
Sentiment Indicators
Planet Forex: Currency Trading in the Digital Age


The Forex Trading Course will force readers to think outside the box and to develop an appetite for the pursuit of knowledge about trading. The Forex Options Course is designed to help forex traders build upon their knowledge and skills in trading forex and apply it to forex option strategies.

Trading Binary Options provides real-world examples of how to scan the political and economic news and formulate appropriate binary option trading strategies. Key trading strategies are reviewed with examples.

In Sentiment Indicators, noted trading expert Abe Cofnas draws on his own trading and training experience as he shares his knowledge about the latest techniques and strategies for using Renko, price break, Kagi, and point and figure tools to successfully analyze all markets.

With real trading examples included to underscore the concepts, Planet Forex gives readers an invaluable primer on trading market sentiment that is unprecedented. This book is a must-read for global forex traders, portfolio managers, and other employees in the forex industry, including exchanges, brokerage firms, and financial planners and advisors.