Price Action Chronicles Volume 1 & 2


  • Pages: 401
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2007


Price Action Chronicles method is an approach to short term trading opportunity created out of the market money flow and the repetitive ongoing geometric swing structures that dynamically repeat over and over again.

Our method is also based on the continual and repeating habits employed by “smart money” market participants. It is amazing how you can predict and participate in a lot of the shorter term market moves with this method on a day to day basis. The price action method gives you the opportunity to trade at precise levels with very tight stop losses.


– Volume 1

  • One Day at a Time
  • Each day is a new day
  • A New Week Ahead
  • Federal Reserve Meeting week
  • After the FED announcement
  • Day after ES Larger degree 1:1 And 61.8 return
  • What is the RISK on any trade?
  • Back in the RANGE AGAIN
  • The Beat goes on
  • Has the Trend Reversed?
  • Contract Rollover Approaching
  • Contract Expiry Week
  • Think what you like but  Trade what you see!
  • The Finale

– Volume 2

  • The FOMC June 28th, 2007
  • End of Q2 and the 1st Half
  • 4th July Holiday week
  • Back to business as usual
  • Q2 Earnings Period
  • Back from holidays
  • Chart Roundup
  • Is the high for the year in?
  • After Thanks Giving day
  • Sub Prime woes continue 2008