Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends


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The purpose of Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends, to provide you with a complete knowledge of the tools available, to recognise when a market has reached a support price or a resistance price. With this knowledge you will know when it is opportune to buy or sell.


Time & Price Analysis of Market Trends is a mathematical approach for comparing the relationships between market highs and lows in both time and price amplitude.

Teachers in the centers of education throughout the ancient world, such as those founded by PYTHAGORAS & PLATO set their pupils to practice the arts of DYNAMIC GEOMETRY and NUMEROLOGY in order to exercise the faculty of intuition.

Time and price analysis requires the use of charts to plot the price history of a market or index. Charts have two dimensions, the horizontal for TIME and the vertical for PRICE.

A chart is like a road map to a technical analyst. It provides us with a pictorial view of the markets past activity. By analysing the past we can learn the characteristics and habits of a market.

TIME & PRICE ANALYSIS is about identifying the market price levels where support or resistance is likely to eventuate. Price support & resistance levels can be determined mathematically using the past price activity.

Each individual market will develop its own CYCLES. These cycles will relate to future time duration between market highs and lows. The future is just a repetition of the past in another geometric form.

Price highs and lows, prior bull market and bear trends, will relate geometrically to each other in TIME & PRICE. Often they will relate in very simple ratios, other times they can be quite complicated to recognise, unless you can understand the intricacies of the geometric forms.


  • Sacred Geometry
  • Introduction to Time & Price Analysis
  • Price Measuring Techniques
  • Time Measuring Techniques
  • Dynamic Vibration Analysis
  • Chart Patterns I monitor
  • Trend Confirmation
  • Trade Entry Techniques
  • Money Management Techniques
  • Gann Methodologies
  • Elliott Wave Methodologies
  • Forecasting Future Dates for Change in Trend
  • Forecasting Future Price Levels
  • Planetary Cycles