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The Theory and Practice of Investment Management
Short Selling: Strategies, Risks, and Rewards
Financial Management and Analysis
The Global Money Markets
Advanced Bond Portfolio Management


The Theory and Practice of Investment Management is the ultimate guide to understanding the various aspects of investment management and investment vehicles. Tying together theoretical advances in investment management with actual practical applications, this book gives you a unique opportunity to use proven investment management techniques to protect and grow a portfolio under many different circumstances.

Short Selling: Strategies, Risks, and Rewards provides the most recent theory and empirical evidence on the practice of short selling. The chapters in this book, contributed by leading practitioners and academics, explain not just the complex mechanics of short selling and the associated risks, but also why some stocks can be expected to become overpriced, strategies for exploiting overpricing, and how short selling can improve portfolio performance and market efficiency.

Financial Management and Analysis is an introduction to the concepts, tools, and applications of finance. The purpose of this textbook is to communicate the fundamentals of financial management and financial analysis.This textbook is written in a way that will enable students who are just beginning their study of finance to understand financial decision-making and its role in the decision-making process of the entire firm.

The Global Money Markets is traditionally defined as the market for financial assets that have original maturities of one year or less. In essence, it is the market for short-term debt instruments.

Advanced Bond Portfolio Management represents a collection of the combined expertise of more than 30 experienced participants in the bond market, guiding the reader through the state-of-the-art techniques used in the analysis of bonds and bond portfolio management.