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Trading Options at Expiration
The Option Trader Workbook
The Volatility Edge in Options Trading
Trading Realities: The Truth, the Lies, and the Hype In-Between


In Trading Options at Expiration: Strategies and Models for Winning the Endgame, leading options trader Jeff Augen explores this extraordinary opportunity with never-before published statistical models, minute-by-minute pricing analysis, and optimized trading strategies that regularly deliver returns of 40%-300% per trade.

The Option Trader’s Workbook introduces powerful new techniques, and reflects the long-term impacts of the 2009 crash. Expert trader Jeff Augen covers every key scenario you’ll encounter in modern options trading, guides you through successful trade executions, and shows how to overcome key pitfalls that trip up most traders.

The Volatility Edge in Options Trading introduces a charting technique that is designed to help option traders visualize price change behavior. Although the form is new, the underlying mathematics are that of standard option-pricing theory.

Trading Realities: The Truth, the Lies, and the Hype In-Between is designed to help investors understand the economic and political forces that drive financial markets and to invest alongside those forces instead of against them. It also provides a blunt assessment of the limitations that most private investors face.