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Bryce T. Gilmore has been a successful trader in one form or another for most of his adult life. He has worked in dependently for himself for the past 32 years. In 1981 while he was in London a trader friend of his took him into his broker’s office for lunch. This is where he saw for the first time a completely different trading world, the futures markets.

When he returned to Australia he opened a commodity futures trading account, bought 2 contracts of Comex Silver and proceeded to try his hand at trading paper. His first trade made him US $11,500 in  two weeks and he was hooked. It wasn’t always easy going but over the next few years he was completely absorbed with the mechanics of the futures markets and began to develop his own software to explore the methodologies of Elliott and Gann.

By 1989 he had gained a reputation as an authority on Time and Price Analysis and became well known to serious technical analysts from around the world. It has been a pastime of him to teach people to trade from his early days in this business. In recent years with the advent of electronic trading and cheap commission rates the growth in day trading volume has opened new doors and that is what this course is about- taking advantage of the opportunity.

He was believed with the help of Trading to Win Course and also Dynamic Time and Price Analysis of Market Trends ,anyone who is willing to put in the hard work will definitely be able to make an excellent living as a professional futures trader.