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Gann’s 1929 Forecast

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1997 was a fairly easy year to forecast. We were already in a Bull Market and it was a pretty safe bet that we would repeat primarily like the Bull markets of 1987 and 1937. The fact that the market recovered so well after the Asian currency panic is another indication that the bull market will continue in 1998. W.D Gann‘s basic rules for ascertaining the type of year the stock market will have on page F-6 of his “‘Forecasting” course say’s that years ending in 8 are typically bull market years. This is another supporting factor for a bullish 1998 forecast. Gann also says in this same course, rule #1 – “A bull campaign generally runs 5 years – 2 years up, 1 year down, and 2 years up, completing a 5-year cycle”.

This cycle is related to 60 – longitude movement of the planet Saturn. It is also ¼ of the conjunction cycle of Jupiter with Saturn. Following this basic 2-1-2 rhythm from the August 1982 low, we would expect 1982 to 84 up 2yrs, 1984 to 85 down 1yr, 1985 to 87 up 2 yrs, 1987 to 1988 down 1yr. 1988 to 1990 up 2 yrs, 1990  to 91 down 1 yr. 1991 to 1993 up 2yrs, 1993 to 1994 down 1 yr, 1994 to 1996 up 2yrs, 1996 to 1997 down 1yr, 1997 to 1999 up 2 yrs, and 1999 to 2000 down 1 yr.

There are other cycles in play, but the market has followed this general outline very well. The reason I’m going through all of this is because you need to know where you are currently located according to time cycles. For example: Saturn will complete its 3nd 5-year cycle of 60° on 4/22/98 at 23°40 Aries. This is 180° from August of 1982 or one half of Saturn’s orbit indicating that we should have a high around this date. The Asian panic occurred on the 22nd of October 1997 when heliocentric Mars was at 18° Capricorn. Gann say’s that “the smallest cycle is one year, which often shows a change in the 10 or 11 month”.

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This is 180° of Mars’s heliocentric movement, which means that on next major turn will be August 31 or September 1, 1998 when Mars hits 18° Cancer. I know this should be a low because both Saturn and Mars have hexagonal cycles that create the appearance of polarity shifts in their 60° movements. This is because they both dually have two overlapping cycles of 120° that cause market turns every 60°, creating a hexagon or “Star of David”. Because this cycle is 1/3 of the circle (an odd number), you get cycles that can generate two or three consecutive highs or lows before reversing trend instead of the anticipated saw tooth alternation from high to low that most cycle analysts look for.

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This is also why the 60° Saturn cycle went low (-) to low (-) from 1982 to 1987 and then went to a high (+) in 1993 and will likely go to another high (+) in 1998, which has been a big help for the bull market- From this information alone, I would expect a major high for stocks on 4/22/98 and a major low on 9/1/98. This will be one of the larger corrections in this bull market because of a harmony with other cycles. If you create a decennial a.k.a. 10-уear pattern chart or a Mass Pressure Chart as illustrated earlier in the article you will see that they will not indicate this strong down move. What is actually happening is that Mars will move a 120° from the low on 10/22/97 to a high on 5/6/98. This will complete a Mars” low to high move.

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Mars will be negative for the next 60° into 9/1/98 and Saturn will also be negative from 4/22/98 because this date is 120° from the Saturn low in 1988 completing a low to high swing. Mercury should add to the down pressure after 8/5/98 when it passes 21 Capricorn. Venus will add to the negative pressure after 7/7/98 and will bottom on 9/1/98 with Mars, after moving 90° from 0° Taurus to 0° Leo. Mercury will also be 120° from 8/5/98 on 9/3/98 supporting the upward energy for a strong bounce.

Both Venus and Mars start an up-move near but there are also other larger cycles in play that support an up-move from 9/1/98 but I will leave these for you to discover. There is a chart on the following раgе with the cycles illustrated. The following is another article that I never published pertaining to forecasting with planetary cycles. By the way, Saturn will be down for 5-years, which indicates the year 2003 again.

  • Gann’s 1929 Forecast By Daniel T. Ferrera

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