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The Solar Eclipse By Greg and Helen Meadors

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On January 14th, 1991, the Stockmarket made it’s intra-day low one day prior to the Solar Eclipse, and then rallied over 500 point. In our previous article entitled Heavenly Influences and the 1990 Stockmarket Top”, we stated, “Hopefully, the light will be seen before the next Solar Eclipses which OCCQtS on January 15, 1991. Interestingly, there are also several celestial harmonic indicators which occur the day before, and the day after this eclipse. This portends a major change in mass (investor) psychology.” For those who are still skeptical about using natural laws for market timing, consider the following forecast made in our December 16th, Market System Newsletter, as follows, NIf the intemational situation worsens, a drop, into the Solar Eclipse on the 15th, is likely….The market  should trend in one direction, coins into the 8th/9th, or into the 15th.

The 8th/9th also has some longer temm harmonics that could generate a 1 or 2 day reaction in the market. However, the most important time-frame will be the day before, and the day after the January 15th Solar Eclipse (6:43 PM EST). Usually, a Solar Eclipse date is not a turning point date, however, in this case there are high energy harmonics occurring at the same time, therefore, fast moves with lots of action will occur.”

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The market did decline going into the Solar Eclipse, which was followed by a fast move, a 150 point rally, lasting two days, going into the 18th, exactly as forecast one month in advance! In our previous articles we pointed out the difference between traditional astrology and Celestial Harmonic Analysis; and how Gann’s law of vibration is based upon planetary patterns and their correlations with sunspots, which in turn affect earth’s electromagnetic environment, and eventually mass investor psychology. Understanding how manes psychobiological rhythms (mass investor psychology) are affected by Cosmic Rhythms, is the essence of Gann’s law of vibration.

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In Gann’s law of vibration interview he states, “Science teaches that an original impulse of any kind finally resolves itself into periodic or rhythmical motion, also just as the pendulum returns again in its swing, just as the moon returns in its orbit, just as the advancing year ever brings the roses of spring, so do the properties of the elements periodically recur as the weight of the atoms rises. From my extensive investigations, studies and applied tests, I find that not only do the various stocks vibrate, but that the driving forces controlling the stocks are also in a state of vibration. These vibratory forces can only be known by the movements they generate on the stocks and their values in the maket. Since all great swings of movements of the market are cyclic they act in accordance with periodic law. After years of patient study I have proven to my entire satisfaction as well as demonstrated to others that vibration explains every possible phase and condition of the market.

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