Stock Market Astrology & Astrological Theory of Business Cycles



Stock market astrology is an elaborate and descriptive work based on my aggressive research on study of astrological influences on financial markets and stock prices. This book has been written after two decades of my hard work, research and professional experience in field of astrology, and after 11 years of dedicated aggressive research in application of astrological principles in predicting stock markets.

Author’s Introduction:

This book contains a detailed and systematic study of astrological principles, which I have learned from my father, who in his turn has learned them from my grandfather, who was a High School principal in Calcutta and a learned scholar of astrology of his time, having many followers in city, during period of pre-independence and post-independent India. With application of these principles I have been able to successfully predict direction of stock markets and rise and fall in stock prices for years.

Language of book is kept such a simple and all complex astrological principles were explained in such a simple manner that anyone with little knowledge of astrology can easily grasp these principles and can tactfully apply them for predicting business cycles, periods of economic crisis, panic, recessionary periods and direction of individual stock prices in markets successfully or use them accordingly for trading in stock markets themselves and ensure profitability for themselves and their clients.

Stock markets are considered as barometer of economy of any country. One can evaluate economic condition of any country by closely keeping eye on stock markets of that country. Good performing stock markets are Rasi of a healthy economy whereas a poor economy is reflected by dull performance of stock markets of that country. But all stock markets are highly unpredictable in nature and since for a long period of time economists and analysts of stock markets keep trying to predict stock markets in advance, by help of technical analysis and fundamental analysis, though these tools of analysis are not fully dependable or reliable.


  • Introduction to astrological concept
  • Fundamentals & principles
  • Sectors of stock market
  • Grahas and market sectors
  • Ruling Rasis
  • Sector wise predicting
  • Transit of Grahas
  • Practical intraday trading
  • Aspects of Grahas
  • Practical strategies of intraday trading
  • Opening bell chart of stock market
  • Grah Dashas in opening bell chart
  • 12 stock market Bhavas
  • Reading opening bell chart
  • Business cycles
  • Astrological theory of business cycles
  • Astrological analysis of gold
  • Astrological analysis of crude oil
  • Diwali Muhrat trading
  • Study of correlation

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