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Harmonic Vibrations: A Metamorphosis from Traditional Cycle Theory to Astro-Harmonics :  In this book, he deals with planetary aspects and their relationship to day-trading. He takes you to the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with wave trading techniques such as a geometric trading plan based on George Bayer’s secret message, Combust (one of the most important astro-harmonic cycles in soybeans) and the Rosh Hashanah Cycle. Many charted examples are included.


As I write this I am overlooking the beautiful Danube River in Bavaria, West Germany, in the city of Passau. Slightly over a year ago I met Marcus Niksch and Mark Linke at one of my seminars in Zurich, Switzerland. I was impressed with their enthusiasm about market dynamics, particularly the wave vibration theory.

At our first meeting, they suggested that they come to visit me in California and learn more of what I do in relation to research, trading, etc. When you’re 8,000 miles from home and strangers say that they are coming to visit you, it becomes a little hard to believe. We began corresponding by mail, telephone and facsimile for about four months and, sure enough, they came to visit me in California for several weeks. They suggested that we plan a technical trading seminar in Germany in the spring of 1990. So here I sit, many miles from home in an idyllic setting.

The seminars were a huge success due to the thirst for knowledge on the subject of technical trading. Most of the participants attended both sessions. The advanced seminar was quite successful and we used real time trading on the second day. I believe that this was the first time this type of seminar was given in Germany and, probably, all of Europe.

I agreed to teach Marcus and Mark everything I know about the business of speculation. They were introduced to many prominent traders and businessmen in the United States who were very impressed with their eagerness and sincerity.

As I began to teach them each day on the task of preparing for the next day’s trading, I realized that fuis material would be useful to other traders as well. What you will see in this book is the actual (real dollars) trading that we did together.

Some of the time there will be some psychological insight or intuition on a particular market. The majority of this book deals with the use of price and time in analyzing markets.

Each day I prepare my analysis of the markets that offer the best risk to reward opportunity for that day. Included in this will be trades that we hope to hold for several weeks (position trades). There will be others that will only be day trades. What we hope you will learn is that the wave theory and vibration analysis work both for the short term and the long term.

One thing is certain! Writing out my plan each day forces me to examine each market very closely. It reduces my “seat of the pants” style of trading that I sometimes use when trading from my home in Shell Beach, California.

Several times each day Marcus and Mark would urge me to write down my thoughts and what I was seeing in the markets. It is for that reason that you have so many charts in this book. The old Chinese adage. “One picture is worth a thousand words,” is certainly true in this instance.


  • How to Make … and Lose Your First Million Dollars
  • The Second Million Dollar Move
  • Trading on the Floor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • Indicators of Market Acceleration
  • Starting Point for Finding a Cycle
  • The Shapiro Iteration
  • Intraday Trading Using Planetary Events
  • Combust-Mercury Coryunct (0°) Venus
  • A Daily Analysis and Trading Diary
  • The Wave Trader Software Program
  • Daily Chart Preparation
  • The Mystery of George Bayer
  • The Rosh Hashanah Cycle in Stock Price

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