Mercury, Money and the Markets




While this book explores many practical examples of Mercury’s role in market dynamics, Mercury, Money and the Markets is not intended to be simply a how-to book.

Its purpose is to help you understand some of the complex and intriguing ways that Mercury impacts the markets, to get you excited about including Mercury dynamics in your own personal approach to astro-trading, and to provide you with a useful resource as you move forward with your own astro-trading research and design your own astro-trading systems.


The study of planetary cycles and their correlation with market movements has been around for a long time, but for much of its history it has remained hidden in the shadows of the financial world. Market astrology was rarely talked about, and those who did actually discuss it did so in hushed tones, treating it as a closely-guarded secret that shouldn’t be exposed to profane ears.

In many cases, those who talked about astrology in the markets at all did so with contempt and ridicule, making fun of it as preposterous superstition.

Some others who were generally more open-minded still hesitated at using the term “astrology” in their discussions, preferring instead to talk about “astronomic phenomena” or “geocosmic influences” in the markets rather than to risk using words that might somehow lead to their being associated with psychics or charlatans.

But in many cases market astrology and astro-trading were deliberately preserved as carefully-protected secrets simply because the traders who benefited from astrology just weren’t all that eager to share their methods with other people in the markets. They preferred to keep the hidden knowledge – and their personal trading profits – to themselves.

A century ago there were noteworthy traders whose success in the markets became legendary, but they too were rarely very open in explaining the planetary dynamics that lay behind their proprietary trading methods.

There have also been many devoted students of astro-trading who have consciously chosen to be secretive about what they were doing, sometimes because of fearing embarrassment and sometimes because they were unsure about the ultimate value of their experimental methods.

There have in fact been many traders who have glimpsed the potential of astrology in the markets and have gotten excited by the profitable possibilities that it offers, but who have never developed their understanding of astrological market methodologies well enough to apply them in their personal trading and then profit from the astro-trading advantage themselves.

Mercury, Money and the Markets makes a few assumptions which we should acknowledge at the outset. First of all, it assumes that there is in fact a correlation between the behavior of prices in the markets and planetary cycles and interactions. Our aim here is not to prove that such a correlation exists, nor to explain how and why that correlation functions.

There have been many excellent studies that have more than adequately demonstrated that astrology really works, and that it works especially well when it is skillfully applied in active trading. You may want to tum to those studies if you are not already convinced that such a correlation is at work behind the scenes in day-to-day market activity.

Once you have done so, return to these pages when you’re ready to explore the astro-trading advantage for yourself.

Mercury, Money and the Markets also assumes that you are already aware of the basic rules and procedures for sensible trading in the markets, or that you are at least ready to learn and apply those rules before getting into the market yourself.

Astro-trading, like any other kind of trading, involves considerable risk. When you put your money into the markets, you can lose all or part of that money.

In Mercury, Money and the Markets you’ll discover:

• The money-making truth about Mercury Retrograde periods.
• A detailed analysis of Mercury’s impact on the trading patterns of 30 individual blue-chip stocks.
• Three practical ways you can use the wisdom of astrology to help you achieve real market mastery.
• Precision market timing tips based on planetary cycles.
• Back-testing trading results for Mercury cycles in precious metals and international markets.
• A secret trading technique from a mysterious ancient manuscript that’s amazingly profitable in the markets today.
• What Mercury in your natal horoscope can tell you about your personal chance of success in the markets.
• Mercury timing techniques from legendary trading masters.
• How to harness the power of Mercury in the First-Trade horoscope.
• Why the Trading Triad is so important– and exactly what you need to do about it!
• The unique impact of Mercury’s relationships with the transneptunian factors– and how they pinpoint turning points in a major market index!
• A reliable key to deciphering the hidden astro-trading meanings in W. D. Gann’s strangest book.
• How to identify the most profitable short-term trading opportunities.
• Dynamic factors in successful astro-traders’ natal horoscopes.
• A quick and easy technique for revealing Mercury’s real role in activating trading dynamics in any First-Trade chart.


  • Introduction: The Astro-Trading Advantage
  • Mercury in Myth and the Esoteric Tradition
  • The Trading Triad
  • Mercury in the Astro-Trader ‘s Natal Horoscope
  • Mercury in Money Horoscopes
  • Mercury Aspects and Angles
  • Mercury Retrograde
  • Mercury Cycles and Market Indices
  • Mercury Retrograde Periods & the Dow 30 Stocks
  • Emerald Tablet Trades
  • Other Mercury Trading Strategies
  • Mercury Retrograde Periods 1900 – 2100
  • Zodiac Degree Index: Mercury Stations 1900-2100

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