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Biblical Stock Trading By Joseph Arechiga

For the past few years I’ve been involved in trading stocks. However my trading usually resulted in two things. One being the loss of my hard-earned money. The second being because I’d lost money I’d be driven to pursue new techniques to use in my trading. Last November I decided I’d had enough of using the programs of others. Many of the investors who offer their techniques and strategies were unreliable because they relied upon wild and/or risky trades that could have resulted in serious damages. So I decided that I would no longer rely on the programs of others. I would now rather develop my own programs to trade with, using another mentor, say, someone like God.

God can predict the future, anyone who studies the prophecies in the bible knows that. So it is possible to know the future in advance. And since the best way to trade obviously is to know the future in advance the Bible seemed like the best place to go. The bible has been known to have a good track record for predicting future events not only with me but also with some better-known names. It is written in the scriptures, “…Ye can discern the face of the sky but can ye not discern the signs of the times?” (Lk 12:46) In other words, you can see the motions of the heavenly bodies so aren’t’ you able to tell in advance when certain events are to happen? To prove this biblical concept valid, I present the following proof.

The Magi (Wise Men) Did you ever wonder in the story of the nativity of Christ how it was that the wise men from the east knew that the king of the Jews had been born just by looking at the heavens? If it was so obvious why didn’t stargazers from all over the world know this? There is a simple explanation for this but most people never question it. The answer is quite pertinent to trading stocks.

In 580 BC Judah, comprised three of the southern tribes of the twelve tribes of Israel, and was taken into captivity by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. One of the captives, Daniel, helped the King follow God’s will by interpreting his dreams. Besides interpreting dreams Daniel also knew how to interpret riddles, puzzles, and of course knew how to interpret planetary SIGNS. Ancient Israel’s calendar and Holy day system was based on lunar cycles. In the scriptures that Daniel was caretaker of during the captivity of Judah, the book of Genesis states, “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day form the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for the days and years:” (Gen 1:14). The key point being that the heavenly bodies are for SIGNS to predict future events! During the 70-year captivity of Judah Daniel was made the chief Magi. It follows that during this period Daniel imparted much knowledge to the Magi concerning biblical prophecies and their corresponding astral SIGNS. So after Judah was finally released and went back to Jerusalem the Magi never forgot Daniel and his wisdom. As time passed the Magi kept handing down Daniel’s knowledge from generation to generation. And when the astral SIGN finally appeared in the heavens the famous “magi” went to pay homage to the king of the Jews. After all Daniel had wisdom beyond anything ever known in Babylon so this King of Jews must have been worthy of much respect.

This explains why wise men from the east came to pay homage to the King of the Jews when they saw his “star”. Daniel had instructed them what to look for in the heavens and its significance. Considering the detailed records that Babylonians kept of eclipses and other astral phenomenon imagine how much better Daniel must have been to be made head of the Magi by the Babylonian King! To show what kind of sign Daniel must have taught the Magi, here is a biblical example, “Now a great SIGN appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” (Rev 12:1) Note again the key word SIGN, this shows up numerous times in the prophecies of the bible. In this case the virgin is the constellation Virgo and by using any astronomy program set to Babylon’s coordinates you can find the date of a very important event which is misdated by the majority of historians today.

The point I’m making is that the King of Babylon considered Daniel very wise. And this pattern of “wise” men having tremendous knowledge of the bible, the heavens, and other biblical wisdom tools is common and repeated throughout history. MORE WISE MEN At this point some readers might think I’m crazy but if you’re a religious person you probably know that I’m not completely oblivious to what I’m talking about. For those of you who aren’t religious and do think I’m crazy just take into account an abbreviated section of my rÈsumÈ. For the past two years I was a Software Design Engineer at Microsoft. For those of you who might not be Bill Gates fans for the two years prior to that I also worked as a Software design Engineer at Hewlett Packard and before that at Trust Company of the West (two smaller companies that you may have heard of).

If you still think I’m crazy I assure you I’m not the only one who believes the Bible holds the keys to solving all the secrets of the universe. Like I said before, here I give you the names of better men that have come before me who might happen to agree with what I’m saying: Benjamin Franklin was responsible to a large extent for our use of electricity. He also helped in the creation of the Farmers Almanac. As some of you might know, by using planetary configurations, the Farmers Almanac tells people the best times to do many activities such as planting and harvesting and forecasts the weather for the entire year for the whole United States. With so much to cover and in such a broad time span the accuracy of the results are quite awesome. Whether or not the Almanac formulas are from the bible or not they still use the planets for their predictions. Plus he picked the dates for the signing of the declaration of independence, elections, and inaugurations.

The dates picked would always keep Jupiter 120 degrees from the sun. The 120-degree aspect is considered the most favorable for peace in Astrology. Benjamin Franklin was a devout Christian as were all of the founding fathers of the United States of America. So here again is the pattern of biblical and planetary knowledge working together hand in hand. It is said that JOHANNES KEPLER “went further than Copernicus and even Galileo in breaking with the dogma, common to Aristotelians and Platonists alike, that the heavenly bodies had to move in perfect circles. This enabled him to establish that the true orbits of the planets in our solar system are not circular, but elliptic, with one focus occupied by the sun.” (The harmony of the spheres p 221.) Johannes Kepler also was a devout Christian with profound knowledge of the planets.

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W.D. GANN made millions of dollars a year. He could tell when a stock or commodity would reverse to within 1/8th of a point usually. Not to mention that he did this at a time when there were no computers and the United States was in the middle of The Great Depression. W.D. Gann was also a devout Christian who knew the planets like the back of his hand. All you need to do is open any page of Gann’s book, The Magic Word and read any sentence to prove this to yourself. (i.e. “The Bible teaches a divine law and how you can make it work. It teaches two things: Obedience to the law brings reward, disobedience to the law brings punishment. The Good Book does not say that you have to wait until after death to receive a reward. What people want is health, happiness and prosperity here and now on this earth, not a promise of something after they are dead. This is a practical religion and the Magic Word, Jehovah, will teach you how to get what you need, here and now! Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good”).

ISAAC NEWTON invented calculus, researched alchemy, biblical chronology, prophecy, and considered research of the bible fully as important as his work in physics, mathematics, and astronomy. Newton basically provided the technology necessary to take the United States to the moon. He was also a devout Christian who knew the planets intimately.

So if you’re going so far as to think that these men were crazy too please quit reading this article. But if not, the fact that all these men were religious, obeyed the laws of God, and knew the planets intimately should gain your trust in believing me that the bible does in fact impart creative ability to those who tap it’s power. WHAT DROVE THESE WISE MEN What drove these men seems obvious; they wanted to seek out the hidden puzzles of the universe. They wanted to seek out the things that most people considered, at the time, impossible to figure out. As it is written, “It is the glory of God to hide things and the glory of kings to seek them out” (Pro 25:2). So although people today use electricity, gravitational equations, elliptic orbit theory, etc… one should keep in mind the source of all these blessings… Biblical Wisdom.

Another Biblical Wisdom Device I have already covered the importance of the bible and the planets but there is one more biblical wisdom device I have not yet covered – Numerology. Few people I’ve questioned know this fact, but the three languages the bible was originally written in are Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. These three languages also use the same letters as numbers. In other words, the bible, when not being read could be counted. In the book of Revelation we read, “Let him with wisdom count the number of his name for his number is 666” What this verse is telling us is that to have more wisdom one must learn how to convert letters to numbers and interpret their meaning. In Judaism this is called Gematria. Pythagoras also had a system for converting non-numeric alphabets to numbers.

And notice in the bible there is a book of Numbers. That’s interesting in and of itself. Why on earth would the bible have a book called numbers? But once you start doing a little arithmetic with this and other books vital clues begin to show themselves. God places great importance on numbers in the bible. One quick example is found in the Greek portion of the bible, the word used for Satan (Satanas) adds up to 666 and Christ’s name, Christos, adds up to 777. 6 being the number of man and 7 the number of completion. HOW THIS APPLIES TO TRADING Okay so a lot of great geniuses have and still do read the bible and know the planets and biblical numerology you say but how does this apply to trading the stock markets and making some cash? Let me show you.

Planetary cycles, stock market cycles, and historical cycles repeat themselves. This principle along with some very special numerical sequences taught in the bible let one predict certain events including stock and commodity trend changes down to the minute with uncanny accuracy. Although W.D. Gann had amazing talent in this field he didn’t have a computer, so he probably didn’t experiment as much as would have liked to since he had to do much of his work by hand. I have been lucky enough to have been born in the computer age and worked with some of the best programmers in the world so I can dream up and program tons of different experiments and put many pieces of the puzzle together.


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