The Bull, The Bear and The Planets: Trading the Financial Markets Using Astrology


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 132
  • Published Date: 2013


The Bull, The Bear and The Planets introduces the reader to an extensive range of astrological phenomena. From an introduction to the historical basics behind astrology through to an examination of lunar astrology and planetary aspects, the numerous illustrated examples in this book will show the reader how these unique phenomena impact both the equity and commodity futures markets.

Author’s Introduction:

This book introduces the reader to correlations between planetary cycles, planetary aspects, lunar phenomena and the markets. These correlations are not new. In fact, they have been known about and used successfully by traders and investors for many decades. There have been many colorful personalities over the years aside from just W.D. Gann who have employed astrology towards successful trading.

In fact, some of the oldest manuscripts researched while preparing this book date back to the early 1900s. Indeed, the most enjoyable part of researching and writing this book was discovering and reading historical financial astrology books and papers found in various libraries across North America.

The correlations you will learn about in this book should never be blindly used in a vacuum. Rather, astrology should always be used in conjunction with technical chart analysis and with the prevailing short and longer term trends of the markets. Ideally to derive maximum satisfaction from this book, you should have a comfortable grasp on the commonly used technical chart analysis techniques.

As well, you should also have copies of Ephemeris Tables spanning 1900-2000 and 2000 forward. I personally use the New American Ephemeris for the 21st Century and its counterpart New American Ephemeris for the 20th Century which are readily available at most bookstores. Alternatively, you may also consider getting an astrology software program that will provide you with the same data.

After reading this book and applying some of the astrological concepts presented in it, I have no doubt you will come to view our universe in a very different, almost reverent way. I expect many of you will even seek to further your knowledge of astrology through in depth study. I hope your trading and investing activity will take on a new personal meaning as you come to view the financial markets in a different way.


  • Astrology Basics for the Market Trader Chapter
  • Trading Using Lunar Astrology Chapter
  • Planetary Trading
    Astrology and Commodity Futures
  • Epilogue:Final Thoughts
  • Appendix A: Lunar Event Dates
  • Appendix B: Retrograde Event Dates
  • Appendix C: Sun-Planet Aspect Dates
  • Appendix D: Mercury Aspect Dates
  • Appendix E: Venus and Mars Aspect Dates
  • Appendix F: First Trade Dates