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Veiled Language Uncovered By James Hyenzyk

It is my understanding that W.D. Gann wrote many of his books and courses in a hidden, veiled language. This was done intentionally. However, it was not designed to deceive the public. He was merely writing in the tradition of the Great Masters who wrote n the language of the astrologer. These Great Masters not only knew what to write but when to write. Gann considered himself to be a Great Master who had something to say and knew of something which would cause his writings to be read and reread by the world-at-large. Gann like the Great Masters like the Great Masters knew of and took advantage of a Time Factor which produces or creates permanency and constant reproduction. This Time Factor was the “when” to write. This is why Gann’s work is still popular today over 30 years since this death.

The purpose of this article is to reveal a few of the hidden astrological references that Gann scattered throughout his books and courses. By no means is this to be construed as a complete list of astrological veils. I am sure that Gann’s genius has hidden many that are well beyond the scope of my knowledge. One of the first astrological references that I discovered while researching Gann’s work dealt indirectly with the markets. Instead, it was a reference to a natal chart of an individual. In his booklet, W.D. Gann, Economic Forecaster, Gann stated that he would only sell his courses to people who met his requirements. If he felt that after a thorough investigation a person would not make a success trading his method, he would ‘refuse” to send them the course. I believe that this “thorough investigation” was based on Gann’s interpretation of the individual’s natal chart.

Gann used basic natal chart delineation to determine if a client has a strong fifth house emphasis. The fifth house is considered by astrologers to be the house of speculation. If he found a strong fifth house emphasis, he figured that the individual would be drawn to speculation. He also looked at the money or second house to see if there was a connection to the fifth house. Finally, Gann looked for favorable aspects to the planets in these two houses. By studying the cycles and patterns in an individual’s chart, Gann was able to determine if success would come easily, or if it would have to be earned. He probably refused to send his course to individuals whom he felt would have more success in areas of life other than money.

Suggested Books and Courses About Astro Trading

The Gann Commodity Course is another good source for hidden astrological references. For example, in has chapter on Forecasting Grains by Time Cycles, Gann states that “Bottoms and tops change over a period of years not only because Supply and Demand change, but because the forces or causes of price change and on account of longitude and latitude. The cycle that it is working in either forms squares or triangles which lowers or raises prices according to the forces which produce the energy that causes the moves.” This paragraph in the course may not make sense to the average reader because it was written in the language of the astrologer.

The key words of this most interesting paragraph longitude, latitude, square and triangle are all basic astrological terms. Longitude is important because it is the primary tool of the astrologer. It is the distance, angle or aspect, measured along the elliptical path of al the planets from the beginning of Aries to the end of the sign Pisces. The latitude is the distance or angle, expressed in degrees north or south of the elliptical path. Squares which are considered bearish refer to planets 90 degrees apart. While Triangles or Trines which are considered bullish are 120 degrees apart.

Gann based his financial astrology theory on the premise that planetary longitudes could be converted to price. By doing this he as able to determine which planets were providing support and resistance to the markets. There is also evidence that Gann thought the planet Jupiter has a positive effect on the market that encouraged expansion in price. Saturn on the other hand was considered negative and restrictive to the market. Taking all of the above into consideration, it can be determined that Gann believed markets make tops and bottoms based on the longitude of the active planets, namely Jupiter and Saturn. He also believed that as long as a price is 90 degrees or square to another planet, the market could move lower. In addition, a strong up move would be expected if the price were 120 degrees or trine to a planet.

Finally, the best source of Gann’s astrological theories is the book Truth of the Stock Tape. If studied carefully, this book will reveal to one Gann’s use of the phases of the moon, the lunation chart and the solar ingress chart in putting together a one-year forecast. Gann also discussed how he determines the swings of the Stock Market by using a Time Factor, the commodity curve, the money curve, and the curve of stocks. I strongly recommend that the serious Gann student use this book in combination with the Gann Commodity and Stock Course to develop a better understanding of how to forecast the markets. In conclusion, as I mentioned in the first paragraph Gann wrote in a hidden, veiled language. He also stated several times in his works that it was not his aim to explain the causes of cycles. He felt that the general public was  ready for it and probably would not understand or believe it if he explained it. Keep this in mind when you read his works and continue to look for the hidden meaning.


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