Planetary Effects on Stock Market Prices


  • Pages: 181
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1935


Planetary Effects on Stock Market Prices is a sequel and enlargement of a small booklet entitled ”Business ” Cycles versus Planetary
Movcments 1860 lo 1935” issued on March 4, 1932.

That booklet with its warning of immediate further market collapse met with unexpected public interest, and many appreciative letters having been received from business men, economists, and  market  operators, has induced me to enlarge it and give, all the astrological rules that thirty years study have proven to be dependable enough to record.


  • Preceesion of Equinoxes 2000 Year Cycles
  • Co1nmercinl Effects of Major Planet Transits
  • Major Planets Aspects versus PriMary Market Movements
  • Effects of Hershel and Saturn, Thirteen Evil Aspects 1860 to 1931
  • Effects of Hershel and Saturn, Eight Good Aspects 1860 to 1931
  • Tabulated Records
  • Effecte and Examples of  Ingresses and  Luntions
  • Rules for  Selecting Favorable Times
  • The Use of Individual Stock Charts
  • Human Interest in Astrology
  • Future Aspects and Indications for 1933-1934-1935
  • How to Use the Ephemeris
  • Ephemeris giving Geocentric Longitudes and Declinations Neptune, Hershel,  Saturn, Jupiter and Mars