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Converting Longitude To Price

The secret to converting zodiacal longitude into price levels is always based upon the minimum fluctuation of the security, commodity, currency, etc. Many of today’s software programs use techniques that convert the current planetary longitudes into price levels. For example if the planet Saturn is a 23 21 Taurus, the straight longitude conversion is $53.35 because Taurus starts at 30° of the zodiacal circle. W.D. Gann illustrates this technique in the Coffee Letter.

Other techniques are based upon Gann’s “Master Charts”. Specifically, the Square of 9, Square of 4, The Hexagon Chart, and the Circle Chart W.D. Gann gives аn example of converting current planetary longitudes to price via a “Master Chart”  in the Soybean letter. As an example, Gann wrote in his Personal Soybean Letter, Dec 2, 1953, May Soybeans high 311 ¼. This equaled 18 45′ in Pisces, close square of 90 degrees of Jupiter, 135 degrees to Saturn and 180 degrees of the averages, and 120-degrees of Uranus. 300 price equals 30-degrees Virgo. 302 equals 30-degrees Libra. 304 equals 30-degrees Scorpio”.

These are obviously not straight longitude conversions of price because 311 ¼ price in pure longitude would be 11-degrees 15′ minutes Aquarius. However, on Gann’s circle chart which is based on the Earth’s 24-hour rotation on it’s axis S3ll¼ is at 18 45″ Pisces. As shown in the earlier exercise, on the Square of 4, S311 would be about 20-degrees Capricorn, on the Square of 9, $311 would be 0-degrees Gemini and on the Hexagon, $311 would be 5-degrees Sagittarius. Gann used these shapes to relate price to zodiac longitude.

Gann’s Master Egg Course has a hand written sheet of paper that he called the “Table for Eggs”. The table starts at the lower left-hand corner at 0°00″ Aries and moves up through all 12 signs ending of course in Pisces. Gann takes the minimum fluctuation of Eggs, which was 5 points and sets this amount equal to one zodiac degree (5pcs. = 1°00′). Gann gives a quick relationship showing that 30° or one zodiac sign is equal to 150 points in Eggs. The whole circle is 1800 points because 5 times 360° = 1800. This longitude relationship to the minimum fluctuation is (as I have written about previously) also the secret of Gann’s Angles. Knowing the minimum fluctuation allows you to create astrological geometry (aspects) relationships to price. As a quick example, from the above we know that 1800 points/cents is equal to 360°.

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Therefore 1800 / 4 = 430 pts and is equal to 90° for the same reason that 360°/4 = 90°. Therefore adding or subtracting 450 points from extreme highs or lows in Eggs will give us our 1 square aspect in price. The next 450 points (total 900} will give us the opposition, the next 450 points or 1350 total will give the next square (270°) and finally the next 450 points will give us the conjunction or 360°. Dividing 1800 by 3 = 600 points end this will calculate the trines or triangles. “Within the circle forms the square and the triangle, which prove the 4th dimension in working out price” W.D. Gann.

Another important technique is to use this same idea based upon natal astrology! The four most important points of a natal horoscope are the Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun longitude, Moon longitude. These are often referred to as the Significations by Sepharial, an astrologer on Gann’s reading list. For example, let’s say that a stock has an Ascendant of 13*23 Gemini. This longitude is equal to 73°23 of the circle, because Gemini starts at 60 of the zodiac.

The minimum fluctuation of most stocks is ⅛. therefore 73.383° multiplied by 1/8 or 0.125= $9.17 in price. Taking 360 times ⅛= $45. Therefore $9.17 is conjunct or equal to 13 23 Gemini and every $45.00 dollars above this price, also is equal to 13°23> Gemini, i.e. $54.17, $99.17, $144.17, etc. The other Significations are calculated in this same fashion. The squares and trines to this Ascendant are calculated as follows. $4500 – 360*, $45/4 = $11.25 or 90° so every addition of S11.25 is square, opposite, square, then finally conjunct the Ascendant respectively. $45/3 = $15, so every addition of $15 is trine, trine, then conjunct the Asc.

Just to make sure that you understand the conversions, if we were converting Soybeans, Corn or Wheat, which has a minimum fluctuation of a ¼ cent or 0.25 we would find that the Ascendant of 13*23′ Gemini is equal to 73.383 * 0,025 =$18.345. The squares are based upon 360°/4, therefore 360°*.25 = 90. This means that 90 cents is equal to 360°. 90° is therefore ¼* of 90 cents or 22.5 cents. Adding this value to the Ascendant value of $18.345 yields 40.845 as square, 63.345 as opposite, 85.845 as the next square, and 108.345 as conjunct or once again equal to 13°23 Gemini. The trints or triangles are based on 1/3ri of 90 or 30-cent increments, etc. The student should also read and study Gann’s definition of “Active Angles” in his Soybean Letter to fully utilize this astrological technique.

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