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Ultimate Gann Course

If you have studied the Smarter Starter Pack and The Number One Trading Plan and you are serious to progress your trading to a professional level, then this is for you!
The Ultimate Gann Course has been written for those who wish to apply pure Gann methods of time and price to their trading calculations. Building on the lessons you have learnt in the first two programs, the Ultimate Gann Course takes your trading to a new level as it introduces you to many of Gann’s advanced techniques. Squaring Time and Price, Time by Degrees and how to calculate it for any market, Forecasting and the Power of Squares are all covered in this course.

  • DVD 1 – Introduction & Key Form Reading, Concepts – including Position of the Market.
  • DVD 2 – Swing Charts – how to make the most money out of the market.
  • DVD 3 – Time By Degrees – determine likely tops and bottoms, calculate them for yourself. A New Way of Looking at Things – with a natural timing cycles and numbers.
  • DVD 4 – Squaring Time and Price – Gann’s methods of determining dates of tops and bottoms.
  • DVD 5 – Squares and their application and the psychology of trading.
  • DVD 6 – Trading Plans – see how each plan fits into the big picture.
  • DVD 7 – Tricks of the Trade – speed angles and equal ranges (Gann’s 1950/51 Soybeans lesson).
  • DVD 8 – Trading Mastery – David shows you exactly how he enters each trade and pulls everything together.
  • DVD 9 – Long Term Forecasting – examples of how David puts together long term forecasts.

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WD Ganns Master Time Factor – The Astrological Method

Defines if the next turn will be a High or Low well in advance.
Is a Rule Based Trading Method?
Lets you Know the True Trend.
The True Trend will tell you if you should be buying dips or selling rallies.
The S&P chart below shows the Master Time Factor dates as taught in my DVD course.

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Come Into My Trading Room

Come Into My Trading Room : A Complete Guide to Trading

In Come Into My Trading Room, noted trader and author Dr. Alexander Elder returns to expand far beyond the three M’s (Mind, Method, and Money) of his bestselling Trading for a Living. Shifting focus from technical analysis to the overall management of a trader’s money, time, and strategy, Dr. Elder takes readers from the fundamentals to the secrets of being a successful trader–identifying new, little known indicators that can lead to huge profits.

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W.D. Gann Secrets By Tom Strignano

You are about to embark on a great crusade, toward which many traders have striven. You have chosen to learn about the great Gann Trading techniques. For the professional trader the quest for information becomes ever more essential as they hone their skills. We all want a way to forecast the question “Where is the market going?

The statistics hold true that 90% of all participants that trade Forex will lose. That leaves 10% of the over all profits to the skilled few. If you tell a professional and profitable trader that he is just lucky, he will justifiably laugh in your face. The few who make money trading forex do so because they have studied and know how the market works. They have applied themselves to learn all the tricks, the false moves, the human mistakes that occur, that lead to profit opportunities. In short, they know how to read the market. You have decided to embark on this journey, a deep congratulation is in order.

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The Power of the Hexagon

Myles Wilson Walker – The Power of the Hexagon – The Complete 1908 Intraday Price Target Method

Since publishing my e book Super Timing in 1999 I’ve acquired quite a few letters asking for extra info on find out how to use the 1908 methodology on the Hexagon to provide correct Price Targets.

This e book has been written in response to these letters. I consider that my preliminary tentative work in Super Timing briefly touched on the potential of the 1908 methodology as an intraday system of buying and selling.

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