Elliott Wave Junctures, Trader’s Classroom EWI by Jeffrey Kennedy


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250 Videos Of Elliott Wave Junctures – Trader’s Classroom EWI By Jeffrey Kennedy

For Elliott Wave lovers, this is the educational archive for 16 Month of Elliott Wave Junctures recordings of Jeffrey Kennedy’s Trader’s Classroom – Elliott Wave International EWI.

About 247 short video lessons plus 3 lectures provided by Jeffrey Kennedy that will improve your Elliott Wave Analysis and classical trading in real-market scenarios. Jeffrey’s video lessons teach you to identify market junctures — the spots in a pattern where high-confidence trade setups arise.

You will learn all the vital aspects of trading:

– Time Frames: You may see a 5-minute chart one day and a monthly chart the next. Jeffrey shows you how to find high-confidence trading opportunities across multiple time frames.
– Elliott Wave Analysis: Before you even think about a trade, you have to do your analysis. Jeffrey helps you master every pattern, rule, guideline and more.
– Markets: Jeffrey monitors hundreds of possibilities, including currencies, commodities, indexes, individual stocks, etc.
Other Indicators: Jeffrey Kennedy has plenty to show you about using other technical indicators to complement and improve you application of Elliott waves .
– Trading Strategies and Tactics: As you know, there is a LOT that has to happen after you’ve done your analysis. Jeffrey will walk you through all the important decisions and steps.