Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course




Have you been wanting to learn about the big money-making connections between astrology and the stock market? Astrology was the profitable secret weapon used by W. D. Gann, George Bayer, and other legendary traders to amass huge personal fortunes. If you want to follow in their footsteps, this home study course is exactly what you need!

The 12 lessons in this course assume that you don’t have any background in astrology, and that you’re not an expert in the stock market, either. This truly is a basic level course for beginners.

The course was recorded live in a tutorial setting, so there are plenty of questions and answers to clarify key points. Lecture notes, outlines, charts, even printed copies of everything written on the easel pad during the seminar sessions are all included. The style is chatty, conversational, and free-flowing, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck in a stuffy lecture hall. There are even a few jokes and digressions to add to the fun of the learning experience.

By the time you finish the course, you’ll see market opportunities with fresh eyes. And you will have enough clarity and confidence to avoid many of the mistakes that have been costing you a lot of money in the past.

With this remarkable home study course, you’ll hear all the instructional sessions on easy-to-use audio CDs. You can listen whenever and wherever you like: in your car, while exercising, while doing housework, while relaxing, while commuting, while taking care of errands– you name it! You can even play some peaceful classical music in the background to enhance your learning and retention rate with the “Mozart Effect.” Or you can play the CDs on your personal computer, bring up a price chart on the screen for the stock you are studying, and follow along with concepts you are learning about in the course.

  • LESSON 1: Introduction to Astrological Principles
  • LESSON 2: Introduction to Market Analysis
  • LESSON 3: Natal Astrology & Financial Success
  • LESSON 4: The Astrology of the Equities Markets
  • LESSON 5: Corporate Astrology
  • LESSON 6: Macro-Economic Astrology
  • LESSON 7: The Moon & The Markets
  • LESSON 8: Getting Information on the Markets
  • LESSON 9: Planetary Harmonics, Ingresses, & Other Phenomena
  • LESSON 10: Trading With Eclipses
  • LESSON 11: Trading Systems & Money Management
  • LESSON 12: Computerization and the Financial Astrology of the Future

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