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Turning 400 Years of Astrology to Practical Use & Other Matters
Time Factors In The Stock Market
George Wollsten, Expert Stock and Grain Trader
A Treasure House of Bayer


Time Factors In The Stock Market contains no bulky chapters devoted to how to place orders, how orders are executed, commissions, etc. The inexperienced trader may very well master the contents of this work easier than the experienced trader who may burden himself or herself with prior beliefs and opinions.

Turning 400 Years of Astrology to Practical Use & Other Matters is an absolute classic of financial astrology containing hundreds of astrological phenomenon that Bayer has found influence the markets and although most are easily researched some are not easy to understand and will require patience and work. He is obviously an expert in the field of financial astrology so we are amazed at some of the planetary influences he found without the use of a computer. This is an astounding collection of hundreds of planetary influences, or planetary rules on the markets.

“Expert Stock Trader” fuses market experience and trading philosophy in a compelling fictionalized account that will entertain as well as profit readers. Through his invented hero, Bayer presents a wide-ranging exploration of chart analysis enriched by a deep understanding of practical market operation.

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