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Mastering Fundamental Analysis
Mastering Technical Analysis
J.K. Lasser’s Buy, Sell, or Hold: Manage Your Portfolio for Maximum Gain
Winning With Stocks
Winning with Options
Winning With Futures
Stock Profits: Getting to the Core
Getting Started in Swing Trading
Put Option Strategies for Smarter Trading
The Options Trading Body of Knowledge
Options Trading for the Conservative Investor
Options for Swing Trading
Getting Started in Options


Mastering Fundamental Analysis performs the valuable service of leading everyday investors into better investment decisions, while allowing them to learn at their own pace through the use of worksheets, graphs, sidebars, and step-by-step examples.

JK Lasser’s Buy, Sell, or Hold is designed to explore each of the 10 areas of study that every investor needs to master. It is organized to present the popular fallacies that many people believe and then offer alternatives. These fallacies are widely believed, so the majority of investors continue to operate on a false premise in one way or another.

With Getting Started in Options, author Michael C. Thomsett looks to change this. In non-technical, easy-to-follow terms, this accessible guide thoroughly demystifies the options markets, distinguishes the imagined risks from the real ones, and arms investors with the facts they need to make more informed decisions.

Options for Swing Trading explores the many aspects of swing trading, but with an added twist. Most swing traders use shares of long stock at the bottom of the swing, buying and waiting for the price to rise and then selling. Some, but not all, will also short stock at the top of an exaggerated swing and then buy to close at the bottom.

Stock Profits: Getting to the Coreis designed to explain and demonstrate a new approach to fundamental analysis. The concept is based on the idea that by making core earnings adjustments, we can arrive at a real picture of a corporation’s operating profit or loss, the likely growth curve into the future, and the financial and operating strength and capitalization of the company.

Getting Started in Swing Trading is addressed to the investor who recognizes the limitations of depending on others for investment advice; who is willing to learn the essential steps needed to invest on his or her own; and who wants to master proven strategies.

The Options Trading Body of Knowledge is designed to provide readers with a comprehensive reference for the entire options market. This book is designed for the options trader, whether a novice or skilled pro, who understands and appreciates the market issues.

Options Trading for the Conservative Investor provides a lucid guide for how to approach options trading conservatively, yet also focuses on the fundamental need for good returns and provides real examples throughout.

Mastering Technical Analysis is designed with this idea in mind and speaks to the average investor rather than the student, the professional Wall Street trader, or the highly specialized technician. It will simplify and explain rather than confuse; it will demonstrate and pose alternatives rather than assume one outcome and move ahead from there. The book is meant to help you gain insights and understanding.

In Winning with Stocks, the reader is going to find a short list of the most valuable indicators (fundamental and technical) for picking stocks.  On the fundamental side are ratios designed to quantify financial and working capital strength (current ratio, debt ratio) and profitability (revenue trend, net return).

Put Option Strategies for Smarter Trading explains all the put-based strategies in detail and shows how even a troubled market presents great opportunities to keep you in control.

Winning with Options explains strategies for portfolio management, including explanations of option terminology, market risks, and the mechanics of trades.

In Winning with Futures, you find a comprehensive but basic introduction to this market. The format and presentation are designed to help answer your questions and to find additional resources to expand your study of the futures market.

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