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Myles Wilson-Walker first began researching the methods of R.N. Elliott & W.D. Gann in 1990. Here is the List of Published Works by Myles Wilson-Walker:

  • How to Identify High Profit Elliott Waves in Real Time
  • Super Timing
  • Introduction to Astro Tech Trading
  • Automatic Price Targets
  • From the Language of The Birds
  • Profitable Forecasting
  • W.D. Gann’s Master Time Factor – The Astrological Method
  • The Power of the Hexagon Course
  • W.D. Gann’s Forecasting Key – How The Annual Forecasts Were Made
  • The W.D. Gann Timing System – How To Time The Big Moves For Maximum Profit
  • W.D. Ganns Law of Vibration – Solving The Ticker Interview Trades
  •  Smart Timing -Intraday Timing for Traders-
  • W.D. Gann’s Best Trading Systems
  • The Cycles and The Codes