How to Identify High Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real-Time


  • Pages: 203
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2001


How to Identify High Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real-Time finally transforms the Elliott Wave Theory into a practical, usable trade selection system. Mr. Walker calls his dynamic new trading approach the C Wave method.


As a novice student, you would not expect to grasp the difficult concepts of Elliott’s Wave Principle instantly. Understanding and successfully using this methodology for analyzing market price movements takes practice and perseverance.

In essence, the Elliott Wave Principle maintains that markets advance or decline in a series of wave patterns—five waves in the direction of the major trend and three waves in the direction of the correction of the major trend. This book is structured to help you broaden your knowledge base of Elliott’s wave analysis step-by-step.

I suggest that your first reading be a quick scan of all the material to give you an initial overview. Then, as you go back and study the concepts, which are explained in numerous and subtly different ways, you will find an approach that makes sense to you.

How to Identify High Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real-Time is essentially different from previous books on Elliott Wave in that I have attempted to quantify aspects of the theory into practical and workable guidelines with specific Buy and Sell patterns. There is no longer any guesswork. You will be able to match the wave patterns as they are happening in real time and execute the trade according to established rules.

One reason I wanted to publish this book was to pro vide other traders with reliable Elliott Wave-based strat egies rather than a rehash of Elliott Wave theory. Thus I have kept certain aspects of the theory to a minimus and presented the material that I know from experi ence works. Until I can distill reliable rules, I feel that it would be unfair to present other information as the truth when in fact it still requires further research.

The first chapters of this book, which deal with Elliott Wave basics, will teach you the concepts and help you understand the C wave patterns. These C wave patterns are complete within themselves and stand alone without any other technical indicators or other market inputs.


  • Basics of Counting Waves
  • Elliott Wave Principles
  • Guidelines for Counting Waves
  • Logic of Counting Waves
  • C Wave Patterns
  • How To Find C Wave Patterns
  • Profit Takes
  • Alternate Counts and Recounts
  • C Wave Patterns on Daily and Intraday Charts