Introduction to Astro Tech Trading


  • Pages: 161
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2001


Introduction to Astro Tech Trading is An Introduction to Astrology and Technical Trading in Stocks and Commodities Contents.


I am going to assume for the purposes of this book that everyone is a beginner to both the markets and astrology. Also that they have a small sized starting account currently but would like to get most of their income from this account in the future.

In Introduction to Astro Tech Trading, I hope to prove to you that astrological cycles are a valid form of market analysis that can give you the edge you need to be constantly profitable. As well as the astrological cycles I will show you some simple price charting techniques that I have found to be very useful.

These cycles are the most basic and serve as an introduction. You can add more complex analytical routines, as you become more skillful.

When studying Introduction to Astro Tech Trading don’t try and learn everything on the first reading, scan through and see what is appealing to you. This is a book of ideas, you must check for yourself to see if the cycle you’re interested in continues to be valid.

At the end of the book is a glossary of astrological terms for your reference.

If you are going to discover the truth you will have to throw away preconceived notions about measuring time and start from the beginning. If you know something about traditional astrology already my advice would be to start again in Financial Astrology as it is different from what you are use to working with.

You will find that there are many, very reliable cycles based on the fixed positions of the planets and also when they are at certain distances from other planets (aspects) I suggest that you get to know one or two particular cycles for any Stock or Commodity in detail, prove to yourself its validity and then trade it as a separate system. Entry rules should be simple such as a break from a trading range or of a trend line.

Ninety Percent of my trading is now based on these Astrological cycles and that is because the longer I have spent working with them the more confidence I have in their effectiveness.

The solar system can be viewed in two ways. The original form was as seen from earth (geocentric) and then once it was discovered that the earth went around the Sun (heliocentric) both methods are used, and surprisingly, geocentric is equally effective.

When viewed from earth at certain times of the year planets appear to go backwards, this results in the apparent slowing down and speeding up of the planets compared to the more regular path of the Sun centered heliocentric view.


  • Major Aspects
  • Minor Aspects
  • Fixed Cycles
  • How to find a fixed cycle for any market
  • Planets by Degrees
  • Retrograde – Direct Planets as a Cycle Timer
  • Retrograde – Direct Planets as a Cycle Timer
  • Reprint from The Ticker and Investment Digest
  • Repeating aspects, Gann Planets and Soybeans
  • Dow Crash Dates
  • Repeating Aspects
  • The Bradley Siderograph
  • Transits to Natal Charts
  • Jupiter Ingress and Soybeans
  • Day Trading the S+P with Astrological Aspects
  • Summary of the Fixed Cycles used in Part One
  • Chart Patterns
  • Failed Signals
  • Organization
  • Daily Routine
  • Data Collection
  • What is Realistic
  • A Glossary of Astrological Terms
  • First Trade Dates
  • NYSE
  • Futures and Options Glossary