Steve Nison’s Profiting in Forex Workshop


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Imagine Having Calm Confidence In Your Forex Trading Skills… Now You Can Use Candlestick Charts To Gain The Knowledge And Expertise Of A True Market Professional.

Why This Focus On FOREX?

The other training materials I’ve created over the years have always been general in nature. I’ve always taught that candles work in ANY market in ANY time frame. That’s the beauty of them! But when the FOREX markets became so incredibly popular, I began receiving requests to provide FX-specific training.  Because of the “around-the-clock” nature of the FX markets, it presents some interesting challenges such as using candles to chart and anticipate price movement, and other unique situations. With “Profiting in Forex,” you’ll be armed with the specific information you MUST know to properly use candles in your Forex trades.

Here’s An Overview Of What You’ll Discover With Your “Profiting in Forex” DVD Workshop:

  • A never before revealed strategy showing how to use risk/reward analysis for setting intraday stops
  • How a Forex candle chart reveals TWICE the information of a bar chart
  • Rocket past your trading competition by using intraday Forex candles — whether you use intraday or daily charts
  • How to get in on a momentum trade
  • How to trade box ranges
  • How to tell when a candle signal is false — and what to do
  • My 10 Simple rules for Disciplined Trading: your blueprint for Forex trading success
  • Discover when to use a candle to enter a new trade or when to use it to exit
  • Setting price targets with candles for smart money management
  • Combining candlesticks with your favorite Western technical indicators for even stronger signals
  • How to accurately determine market reversals and trend continuations to pocket maximum profits
  • Why candles allow you to make quicker decisions in the fast Forex markets
  • Save yourself from “false” signals
  • Discover how to combine candles with classic Western technical analysis techniques as your one-two punch for successful trading
  • Now that you have a candle signal what do you do with it?
  • Using all Forex charts
  • How different data providers influence your candle signals (and what you need to do about it!)
  • Knowing how and when to use different time frame charts to your benefit
  • The critical differences in doji, engulfing patterns, harami, and many other candle patterns between forex and other markets