How To Become A Forex Pro Trader By Live Traders


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First, let’s review the 3 Barriers in Trading FOREX:

1. Lack of Education and Understanding of the Markets : We provide you with not just an A-Z of Trading the FOREX Markets, but we also the show you Truth about how The Markets work. This course covers everything from the basics to actual strategies we use to trade FOREX.

2. Unrealistic Expectations and Lacking the Proper Mindset :Even the Best Trading Systems can fail you if you lack the Proper Mindset. Therefore we show you the correct way to manage your emotions using Trader Psychology to prepare and build your mindset for Success.

3. Outdated Strategies that do not work in Today’s Markets: There are many Technical Trading Strategies that exist, however most of them lack the basic understanding of how the markets move aka Price Action. When you learn to decode emotions such as Fear and Greed (yes these emotions are market makers), you will be able to predict the next market move. Our Strategies have stood the test of time and proven to work in Today’s Markets.

Here’s How I Teach You To Become a Profitable FOREX Trader:

1. Intro: At first we start on the fundamentals of Forex, what it is, who trades forex and why You should! We also go over why so many people struggle.

2. Fundamentals: We go over the Major currency pairs, explain the terminology like Pips, Bid/Ask, as well as the different types of Charts and Indicators.

3. Trading Sessions: Now we start looking at the different ways to trade. Different timeframes, and distinguishing between Swing and Daytrading. We also go over the Pro’s and Con’s of each style. (This is where you choose a style thats works for you)

4. FOUDNATION, FOUNDATION, FOUNDATION: Here we go over Price Action and Charts, Reviewing the stages of the Markets and what they mean. More importantly, we also cover the 3 Types of Trends that can happen in the market.

5. Essential FOREX PATTERNS: We cover Support, Resistance and the Patterns and Strategies we’ll use to Trade Forex. This includes Channels, Breakouts, Wedges, Flag and other essential setups.

6. Management and Targets: The Trade is in, now we need to decide when to Get Out! There are 2 Reasons to Get Out: 1) because you were Right or 2) because you were wrong.We cover both, so you know when to take Profits or a loss.

7. Macro Framework: We’ve covered the Technical Trading Strategies, now we’re going to look over one more thing to add that extra edge. We now cover how to read and decode fundamental data.

8. Trading Psychology: Knowledge is one thing, but Mindset is often the separator between winning and losing in Forex. So we will create a Mental Framework tailored for successful trading.

9. Chart Review: No we review everything covered in the course and put it all together by applying all the strategies to a set of charts that I’ve put together to maximize practice (and ultimately our success in Forex).