Options Trading (5 Books in 1)


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 531
  • Published Date: 2021


Options Trading (5 Books in 1) is The Complete Coach-Guide to Teach You How to Face the Options Trading World Seriously &Profitably. Your Personal Pocket Coach Is Ready to Guide You to Profit.  This bundle is for those who are not looking for illusions or immediate solutions for you, but only truthful and serious information about trading in options and dealing with it with all the cards to make it a profitable and lasting business.

This time you want to do things seriously; stop being overwhelmed by all the information fake gurus write on the Internet, making you believe that options trading is a breeze and that you can start to earn after five minutes without first studying and be prepared both technically and mentally. In no other book will you find information as exhaustive, detailed, and practical as in this; the whole world of options trading explained in detail, from its definition to the strategies to be implemented to be profitable, to the mindset necessary to deal with the right attitude markets without being overwhelmed, all in one bundle. In this bundle, you will discover:

  • What Options Trading Is, and it provides high-quality content that will teach you how to take your first steps completely on your own.
  • Everything about Options Trading Psychology and why it is crucial to have the right mindset to become a successful trader.
  • The Most Effective and Profitable Strategies, both for beginners and advanced traders. You will follow the strategy and practically set up the operations, thanks to the combination of theory and practice in this guide.
  • Swing And Day Trading Options Strategies, two of the most important trading modes. A deep explanation of both of them gives you all the necessary information to decide if and how to trade these modes successfully.
  • The Right Mindset to Trade and How You Can Get it, both for beginners and advanced traders. Follow the strategy and practically set up the operations, thanks to the combination of theory and practice explained & Much More!


Book 1:

  • Trading – An Overview
  • Options Contract
  • Best Options Trading Platforms
  • Fundamental Versus Technical Analysis –Pros And Cons Of Different Investment Analysis Method
  • Basics of trading in options
  • Advantages of Trading Options
  • Money Management Techniques
  • Psychological Trading Mistakes
  • Steps to start Trade in Options
  • Best Options Trading Simulator

Book 2:

  • Trading Mindset
  • The power of resilience
  • Money management
  • Trading Mistake which Destroys the Account
  • Trading Psychology & Discipline Importance
  • Trading Focus – Top Ways to Maintain it
  • Trading goals

Book 3:

  • The basic understanding of Options trading
  • Types of Options trading
  • Options trading strategies
  • Other strategies in trading
  • Options trading Strategies with practical examples
  • Portfolio management

Book 4:

  • Day trading: Basics
  • How to select Right Day Trading Market
  • Day Trading options
  • Day trading options with a strategy
  • How to reduce the cost of options
  • Building Balanced Portfolio in Options
  • Swing trading: Basics
  • Swing Trading Options
  • Swing Trading Strategy
  • How to Construct a Minimal Risk Swing Trade Portfolio
  • Swing Trading vs. Day Trading
  • Do swing and day trading complements each other?

Book 5:

  • Options and its Increasing Popularity as a Trading Technique
  • Options and Trading Markets
  • Portfolio Management and Trading Techniques
  • Psychological and Common Trading Mistakes
  • Effective use of Technical Analysis in Options Trading