Fibs In 4 By TradeSmart University




Fibs In 4 course designed and launched by TradeSmart University is the light bulb leading you to advance in the higher level belonging to the professional traders and experts.  This course provides you with the fibonacci, the powerful feature in trading fields, helping you to painlessly achieve the accomplishments and the high consistency profits. You will have the opportunity to examine the Fibonacci sequence in the financial markets, which dates back to the early 12th century, and the underlying ideas, which date back 2,000 years to Pythagoras, as part of the course curriculum. Also covered in the Fibs In 4 course is the critical concept for modern retail traders to grasp: Fibonacci Analysis is not a new occurrence, and there is a great deal to be learnt from the historical examples shown in the course.

In the Fibs In 4 course you will learn with the logical syllabus, containing the 4 core lessons, giving you the comprehensive acknowledgement about the fibonacci. With the caseful instruction of your course mentor, you will see the full trading picture via the course’s content, focusing on the operating systems of the financial market.  To ensure that every student who is registering in this course will be able to fully consume the whole educating information and valuable messages given in the course, you will have the Q&A section after each lesson, so that you can raise the concerns or anything unclear in the learning process to have the immediate answers.  Here is the detailed course content that you will follow up when participating in the Fibs In 4 course:

  • ​Fibonacci Retracements
  • ​Fibonacci Target Zones
  • ​Confluence​​​​​​
  • ​The Trade Matrix
  • ​Fibonacci Angles
  • ​Time Forecasting
  • ​Integration in your trading plan
  • And so on


Class 01 – Intro To Fibs:

  • Part 1: Introduction – Why do fibs work?
  • Part 2: Fibonacci Analysis Myths
  • Part 3: Fibs in the Financial Markets
  • Part 4: Measuring Fibonacci Retracements
  • Part 5: Practicing Drawing Retracements
  • Part 6: Fibonacci Target Zones
  • Part 7: Homework
  • Part 8: Homework Review

Class 02 – Entry & Exit Targeting:

  • Part 1: Common Retracement Mistakes
  • Part 2: Narrowing Our Focus With Confluence
  • Part 3: Two Uses For Confluence
  • Part 4: Example of Conflluence
  • Part 5: The “ABC” Tool
  • Part 6: SBUX Example
  • Part 7: Homework
  • Part 8: Homework Review

Class 03 – Confluence Projections & Angles:

  • Part 1: Three Key Prices (Trade Matrix)
  • Part 2: Trade Matrix Example
  • Part 3: Stops
  • Part 4: Targeting with “ABC” Tool
  • Part 5: Targeting With Confluence Projections
  • Part 6: Confluence Example
  • Part 7: Fibonacci Angles
  • Part 8: Fibonacci Angles Example
  • Part 9: Homework
  • Part 10: Homework SBUX Review
  • Part 11: Homework: AMZN Review

Class 04 – X-Axis & Trading Plan Integration:

  • Part 1: The X-Axis (Time Forecasting)
  • Part 2: Price and Time Targets on TGT
  • Part 3: Integration With Your Trading Plan

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