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Forex Shockwave Analysis
Forex Wave Theory
The Forex Chartist Companion: A Visual Approach to Technical Analysis
Charting the Major Forex Pairs Focus on Major Currencies


Forex Shockwave Analysis not only examines the shockwave itself (which occasionally lasts less than a minute or two after the news release) but also investigates the reactive phase that immediately follows the shockwave. This is in a very broad sense the economic equivalent to Newton’s third law of motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

The purpose of Forex Wave Theory is to provide spot and futures currency traders with an innovative approach to the technical analysis of price fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets.

In The Forex Chartist Companion, authors and active Forex traders Michael Archer and James Bickford provide a visual window into the behavior of the Forex market along with detailed information on the mechanics of day trading, market entry timing, and much more. With this book as your guide, you’ll not only become familiar with innovative software and charting systems that provide a graphical interpretation of the markets, but you’ll also discover how to instantly see patterns throughout those markets.

Charting the Major Forex Pairs was written specifically for those currency and futures traders who have a reasonable degree of experience in the foreign exchange markets and who are familiar with the inner trading mechanisms and the risks and rewards intrinsically involved.