Your Next Great Stock


  • Pages: 254
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2008


Your Next Great Stock: How to Screen the Market for Tomorrow’s Top Performers 

Your Next Great Stock is about finding stocks that are poised to become the market’s next big gainers. It’s more a detective manual than an investment book. You’ll be able to find these companies because they’ve already left clues.


This book is a hunt for Lynch’s ten-baggers. It won’t show you how to allocate your assets among stocks, bonds, real estate, cash, and other holdings, although you should take the time to learn that elsewhere. It won’t tell you how to develop a long-term savings plan, although that’s important to know, too. It’s simply about going after stock returns large enough to more than make up for your mistakes.

This book is for anyone who buys stocks or wants to. It won’t require math skills beyond some quick arithmetic, and it will provide the background investment knowledge you’ll need along the way. The book contains about 75,000 words. If you read at an average pace (about 250 words a minute) it will take you five hours to finish. Let’s look at what you’ll cover during those five hours.

Part One: Your Next Great Stock: If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to beat the stock market or whether you should try, this section will provide the answers.

Part Two: Tools and Clues:  Here you’ll learn about what’s in that mountain of information you’re going to screen through, and which tools are best for the job.

Part Three: Strategies: This is where you’ll make money. I’ve collected 15 of the most powerful stock-screening strategies I’ve found. Most come from the kind of leading-edge market researchers who advise hedge funds and institutions on their stock-picking methods. All the strategies are backed up with concrete evidence that shows they work. A few are designed to mimic market-crushing money managers like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch.

Part Four: Your Next Great Stock, Revisited Here you’ll learn what to do with that handful of stock-screen survivors you’ve just produced.


  • You Should Own Stocks
  • You Can Beat the Stock Market
  • If Stock Picking Strategies Work, Why Haven’t They Been Used Up?
  • Stock Screening Is the Best Way to Find Great Stocks
  • The Rewards Outweigh the Risks
  • Telling Great Screening Strategies from Not-So-Great Ones
  • How to Use a Screening Tool
  • Where the Numbers Come From
  • Things You Can Screen For
  • How to Use the Strategies
  • The Buy High, Sell Higher Screen
  • The Impatient Value Screen
  • The Surprise, Surprise Screen
  • The Tomorrow’s Breakthrough Screen
  • The New Dogs Screen
  • The Bold Is Beautiful Screen
  • The Rising Expectations Screen
  • The Follow the Leaders Screen
  • The Accrual to Be Kind Screen
  • The Sales on Sale Screen
  • The Combination Platter Screen
  • Guru Screens
  • Which Screen Survivors to Buy
  • When to Sell