How I Trade and Invest in Stocks & Bonds


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 216
  • Published Date: 1925


How I Trade and Invest in Stocks & Bonds was originally published in 1922; it is still timely. Wyckoff’s modus operandi was to have a small trading account (“not over five or ten per cent of my loose capital”) and invest its profits into income-paying securities with the potential to appreciate in value. Wyckoff justified the size of his trading account psychologically. “There is a much greater satisfaction in operating with a small amount of money for various reasons:

It makes you more careful, because, having set yourself to the task of realizing a large profit on a limited amount of operating capital, you plan your moves shrewdly and do not take risks such as you would if operating with more money.” And then there’s the emotional high of seeing outsized returns on a percentage basis.

Chapters Include:

  • 1. My First Lessons in Investing and Trading
  • 2. Profitable Experiences in the Brokerage and Publishing Fields
  • 3. Why I Buy Certain Stocks and Bonds
  • 4. Unearthing Profit Opportunities
  • 5. Some Good Experiences in Mining Stocks
  • 6. The Fundamentals of Successful Investing
  • 7. The Story of a Little Odd-Lot
  • 8. The Rules I Follow in Trading and Investing
  • 9. Forecasting Future Developments
  • 10. The Truth About ‘Averaging Down’
  • 11. Some Definite Conclusions as to Foresight and Judgement
  • 12. Safeguarding Your Capital
  • 13. How Millions are Lost in Wall Street
  • 14. The Importance of Knowing Who Owns a Stock