Trading with Price Ladder and Order Flow Strategies By Axia Futures


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Trading with Price Ladder & Order Flow Strategies course is a fully comprehensive, intensive and immersive price ladder training programme developed by the combined experience and strategies of our entire group of successful proprietary traders located in our London and Wroclaw/Poland Trading floors. The course is for both complete beginners as well as advanced order flow traders looking to increase their understanding of the DOM and cultivate more trading strategies in their arsenal. All the training on this course is also used in developing our successful graduates who are financially backed by our partner firm.

At the end of this training, if you go through all the material and the practical drills and practices, you will develop an approach that you can commence utilising your own cognitive abilities in deploying and identifying order flow strategies in the market. This course is also the first of its kind in the world in that its material and drills are constantly updated, and the last bonus section includes the Live Recorded Execution and Analysis of not one of AXIA’s top price ladder traders but one of Europe’s Best. This Course is for:

  • Those wanting to develop an advanced understanding of the price ladder
  • Traders wanting to develop a professional methodology for cultivating their own order flow strategies
  • Serious traders wanting to become successful order flow pattern engineers
  • Individuals willing to complete all the rapid skill development drills to become good at spotting patterns
  • People willing to put time and effort in completing the entire course
  • Those serious about becoming successful price ladder traders



  • Module 1 – Learning Objectives, Outcomes & Methodology
  • Module 2 – Introduction to Order Flow
  • Module 3 – Course Curriculum Outline and Roadmap
  • Module 4 – What the Ladders tell you that the Charts don’t


  • Module 5 – Market Participants with Algorithms & High Frequency Trading (HFT)
  • Module 6 – Auctioning Exchange and Market Velocity
  • Module 7 – Introduction to Order Flow Price Patterns
  • Module 8 – Large Orders
  • Module 9 – Absorption Order Flow Events
  • Module 10 – Market Flipping, Layering and Spoofing Price Patterns


  • Module 11 – Trend Reversal Order Flow Indicator
  • Module 12 – Momentum Breakout Order Flow Patterns
  • Module 13 – Practice: Confluence of Order Flow Strategies


  • Module 14 – Evolution of Order Flow and Price Patterns
  • Module 15 – What makes an Elite Order Flow Trader
  • Module 16 – Interviews with Elite Order Flow Traders
  • Bonus 1 – Advanced Replay Drills and Practice
  • Bonus 2 – Central Bank Related Comments