Price Action Masterclass By Macro Ops


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In the Price Action Masterclass, we take a deep dive into the theory and philosophy behind price action. Our goal is to help you build the solid foundation and understanding needed to reach a mastery level in technical analysis. True mastery is the only way to reach simplicity on the other side of complexity. The goal here isnt to teach you some basic technical strategy that only works in the current market environment and falls apart with any small change.

Learn about the value price action brings to your trading process and why everyone should be a “slave to the tape” and Understand the philosophy, theory, and quantitative data that supports the effectiveness of utilizing price action. Get the tactics you can immediately use to increase your investment returns, including “nested” patterns and momentum and mean reversion strategies. We want to teach you why technical analysis can be effective in analyzing markets and how you can use that information to profit. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Now this isnt to say we wont provide you with any price action tactics.

This course is not all theory. Its absolutely actionable. Were going to show you exactly how we conduct our technical analysis at Macro Ops. Were talking step-by-step instruction. But before we do that well equip you with the knowledge you need to take full advantage of those tactics and techniques. At the end of this course, youll even be able to create your own technical methodology.

  • Section 1 – Prime The Pump: Prep Your Mind For Success
  • Section 2 – The Philosophy Of Price Action: A Foundation For Whats To Come
  • Section 3 – Charting: Transforming Pretty Pictures Into Strategic Strike Maps
  • Section 4 – Its All About data: Use Numbers & Score Big
  • Section 5 – The Macro Ops Market Lens: Consistently Execute Profitable Trading Ideas
  • Section 6 – Trade Management: Increase Your Profitability And Protect Your Emotions