Key to the Secrets a Traders Primer


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 153
  • Published Date: 2008


So what is Key to the Secrets a Traders Primer about? From the title, it says it’s about “keys to secrets”. Of course the obvious meaning if you’ve read the Secrets Books. it’s about these books. Well yes it is and yes it is about much more too.

If you have read some or all of the Secrets Books, Key to the Secrets a Traders Primer will add to them and bring about a correlation and how they can work together to aid in making the trading experience more profitable and fun.


Don’t you just love beginnings? Like spring, everything is new and starting to break out of the long sleeping soil and a rich energy exudes from everything. The barren and cold winter has prepared us for a great awakening and we are eager to see what is in store for us.

The beginning of Key to the Secrets a Traders Primer holds the same promise or it really holds anything you want it to hold, for it is your book and it is your mind that will engage with the many words on these pages.

What you decide to do with them will detennine what grows from your spring soil. It’s an unlimited opportunity to find anything you are looking for with one stipulation; you need to know what you are looking for.

You are literally at a new beginning. a starting place that is unencumbered from the old ways that haven’t worked as well as you’ve wanted. You are holding this book because you want something different and you are ready to change. So let’s change, let’s release those old ideas that haven’t worked and let these new ones find a place to reside in your mind.

You can always go back and get the old ones if these don’t work, but you want to find more in life. you want to find peace of mind and ease of doing what you desire to do. So this is a good beginning.

Relax and enjoy the trip. Hold off judgment and old ideas that want to slow you down. Let go of the oars you have been paddling up stream with and start a gentle journey with the current of life and see how easily it will bring you aU that you desire.

Life is ready to give you all you want as soon as you say yes and let go of all the no’s, I cant’s, and it won’t happens. These words have been around too long, let them go and find new ones that allow dreams to literally come true.

If you haven’t read the Secrets Books, then this is an overview and introduction to what they are about. From the titles. we can see that the books address trading, forecasting and the Law of Vibration.

As you read this book and more importantly read and tie together the other more definitive books. it will bring it all together into a cohesive understanding of your self and the trading experience. You literally can have anything you want. In trading this includes unlimited profit. insight, enjoyment fulfillment and anything else you truly desire .

It is up to each ofyou to become clear just what it is you want and then to follow through with a plan to get it. The Secrets Books provide a very simple and easy to follow plan ifyou want to use it. It isn’t the only one and it isn’t for everyone.

Each of you will ultimately find how you will do it, but what you read in these volumes can help guide you to a new place of seeing what you can build from. You need a stable platform to create from and until you are ready to stand on it and define your wants and desires, you will not realize your life’s purpose.

Your purpose is to be you in the most authentic way you can. To find and play with your innate gifts and talents and to blend a harmonious t10w of actions into the unique pattern you represent here. We each have a song to sing, so to speak. When you find your song and sing it to the world. you become that which you were born to do.

In that clarity, you resonate at a frequency that is heard throughout the Universe and fulfills the individual space/time you are. You add to this Universe your gift and as such the whole becomes more. You become more and with that you experience your fullness of joy.

It’s a great song. Are you ready to sing it? We are all ready to hear it when you don’t hold back and you become wi1ling to let it flow out freely and clearly. Every sound that makes its debut in our world for the first time is innocence personified.

So you are this innocence and with this new path you are starting right now at the beginning of this book you embark on this journey of finding more of what you want in life. More of who you want to be and more of what you want to have.

You are at the door opening to a new possibility and as you allmv more to come in you expand your experience to embrace it.


  • Keys and Secrets
  • Keys to the Law of Vibration
  • Keys to Trading
  • Keys to Forecasting
  • Money Management Keys
  • Gravity Centers
  • First Trade Harmonics
  • Action vs. Alignment
  • Secret of the Key Note
  • Magic and Miracles – The Secret Key
  • Aligning Internal Vibrations
  • Charts and Additional Infonnation