Candlestick Analysis For Professional Traders By Joe Marwood


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Candlestick charts are the number one way to present financial price data. They let you quickly and easily visualise the market and analyse recent price action before placing a trade. Whether it’s in a particular stock, a currency pair, or a commodity, once you know how to read candlestick charts, you can very quickly gauge strength or weakness in the market of your choice. Candlestick charts have been around for centuries and there are numerous books and courses that detail specific candlestick patterns. Patterns such as the shooting star, the Doji and the Hammer. However, most books and courses fail to address an important consideration. Do these candlestick patterns actually work?

On this course, not only will you learn about Japanese candlestick charts and how to identify the most popular candlestick patterns, but you will discover the historical performance of 25 of the best patterns. You’re going to learn which candlestick patterns are the best and which ones you should pay attention to in your trading. And you’ll realise that there are some candlestick patterns that you should simply avoid. 21 different futures and forex markets and over 100 stocks are analysed (across more than 1000 trades) to see which patterns produce the most profitable results. And the results are indeed surprising. In fact, the results suggest that some patterns are not profitable at all. However, the results also reveal something very interesting.

One specific candlestick pattern performed significantly better than every other candlestick pattern we tested. On this course, you’ll learn precisely which candlestick pattern that is. You’re also going to learn how to spot the candlestick patterns and how to incorporate them into your own trading and investing. Then, you’ll discover a fully fledged trading system based on the best patterns found. What you’ll learn:

  • Understand how to use Japanese candlestick charts to inform and improve investing and trading decisions.
  • Understand the profitability of individual candlestick patterns. Which candlestick patterns work and which candlestick patterns fail.
  • Know the profit potential and opportunities that exist from combining candlestick price patterns with other indicators.
  • Understand some principles about back-testing and designing a price action, chart based trading strategy
  • Understand a complete trading strategy based solely on Japanese candlestick patterns.
  • Scan for individual candlestick patterns using the Amibroker analysis program.