Blockchain Enabled Applications



Blockchain Enabled Applications: Understand the Blockchain Ecosystem and How to Make it Work for You

Blockchain Enabled Applications provides you with a clear perspective of the ecosystem that has developed around the blockchain and the various industries it has penetrated.


Blockchain technology is poised to fundamentally change our online world. This is not some kind of miraculous, cure-all, money-making solution. One specific use of blockchain such as Bitcoin, but rather the fundamental shift for the offline world ushered in by the web with easy to use access to information and the ability to make digital copies of data or content in an unprecedented ease for distribution across the globe.

Work with blockchain and understand its potential application beyond cryptocurrencies in the domains of healthcare, Internet of Things, finance, decentralized organizations, and open science.

Featuring case studies and practical insights generated from a start-up spun off from the author’s own lab, this book covers a unique mix of topics not found in others and offers insight into how to overcome real hurdles that arise as the market and consumers grow accustomed to blockchain based start-ups.

You’ll start with a review of the historical origins of blockchain and explore the basic cryptography needed to make the blockchain work for Bitcoin. You will then learn about the technical advancements made in the surrounded ecosystem: the Ethereum virtual machine, Solidity, Colored Coins, the Hyperledger Project, Blockchain-as-a-service offered through IBM, Microsoft and more.

Blockchain Enabled Applications looks at the consequences of machine-to-machine transactions using the blockchain socially, technologically, economically and politically.

What You’ll Learn

  • Implement the code-base from Fabric and Sawtooth, two open source blockchain-efforts being developed under the Hyperledger Project
  • Evaluate the benefits of integrating blockchain with emerging technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence in the cloud
  • Use the practical insights provided by the case studies to your own projects or start-up ideas
  • Set up a development environment to compile and manage projects


  • Behold the Dreamers
  • The Gold Rush: Mining Bitcoin
  • Foundations of Blockchain
  • Unpacking Ethereum
  • Decentralized Organizations
  • The DAO Hacked
  • Ethereum Tokens: High-Performance Computing
  • Blockchain in Science
  • Blockchain in Health Care
  • The Hyperledger Project
  • Recent Developments in Blockchain
  • Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital

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