What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin




What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin explains Bitcoin using simple concepts in Part One, explores future possibilities in Part Two, and addresses common objections and challenges in Part Three.


Bitcoin keeps making headlines. Everybody is talking about it, from established financial gurus to twenty-something techies, and they all seem to come to different conclusions. Bitcoin has been called everything from a giant Ponzi scheme to the greatest technological invention in history. But most people, if they have heard of Bitcoin, have no idea what all the fuss is about.

The technology is notoriously hard to explain and understand, especially if you aren’t a tech enthusiast. So, this book is meant to clearly explain Bitcoin to the layman. It is conceptual, rather than technical, and my goal is to give every reader a concrete answer to the question, “What’s the big deal?”

As you read, it’s natural to come up with objections and skepti-cism about Bitcoin. I ask that you hold your objections until you’ve read Parts One and Two, which give a thorough conceptual overview of the technology. After that point, please unleash your full skepti-cism; Part Three deals with common objections to Bitcoin and covers real challenges facing the technology.


  • PART ONE: Bitcoin Clearly Explained
  • PART TWO: So What’s the Big Deal?
  • PART THREE: Common Objections, Real Challenges

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