Introducing Ethereum and Solidity


  • Pages: 197
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2017


Introducing Ethereum and Solidity: Foundations of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Programming for Beginners

 Introducing Ethereum and Solidity is accessible to technology professionals and enthusiasts of all levels. You’ll find exciting sample code that can move forward real world assets in both the academic and the corporate arenas. Find out now why this book is a powerful gateway for creative technologists of all types, from concept to deployment.


A blockchain is a fully-distributed, peer-to-peer software network which makes use of cryptography to securely host applications, store data, and easily transfer digital instruments of value that represent real-world money.

Cryptography is the art of communication via coded messages. In Bitcoin and Ethereum, cryptography is used to conjur one secure computing environment out of thousands of similar machines, running with no central authority and no single owner. With that kind of potential, it’s obvious why the technology has been subject to unprecedented speculation, hype, confusion, and prognostication.

The term “Ethereum” can be used refer to three distinct things: the Ethereum protocol, the Ethereum network created by computers using the protocol, and the Ethereum project funding development of the aforementioned two.

On the heels of Bitcoin, Ethereum has become its own macrocosm, attracting enthusiasts and engineers from numerous industries.

Many of civilization’s most nagging imperfections could become the domain of blockchain’s killer apps, and the Ethereum protocol (which was derived from Bitcoin, and extended) is widely considered to be the network where these “distributed” apps will spring up. For developers, designers, and product managers, there’s no better time to begin prototyping applications for the Ethereum network.

What You’ll Learn
  • See how Ethereum (and other cryptocurrencies) work
  • Compare distributed apps (dapps) to web apps
  • Write Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity
  • Connect Ethereum smart contracts to your HTML/CSS/JavaScript web applications
  • Deploy your own dapp, coin, and blockchain
  • Work with basic and intermediate smart contracts


  • Bridging the Blockchain Knowledge Gap
  • The Mist Browser
  • The EVM
  • Solidity Programming
  • Smart Contracts and Tokens
  • Mining Ether
  • Cryptoeconomics Survey
  • Dapp Deployment
  • Creating Private Chains
  • Use Cases
  • Advanced Concepts